Fleet Dash Cam Solution

Fleet Dash Cam Solution Truck+Van+Taxi, etc.

Date Time: August 26, 2023
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Fleet Dash Cam Solution

Combining the status quo of operation and management of the heavy-duty truck and online truck-hailing industry, Yuwei has tailored a complete fleet driving recorder solution, equipped with intelligent on-board equipment and a safety management platform. The safety management platform can be connected with the enterprise business platform to help solve the problem. Industry pain points, creating an exclusive security platform for enterprises and individuals.


Fleet Dash Cam Solution

The solution has the following features:

1. Comprehensive supervision of bad driving behavior

2.BSD Blind Spot Pedestrian Monitoring

3. Sound and light alarm reminder

4. Local real-time video

5. Evidence collection for accident disputes

6. Route deviation alarm

7. One-key emergency alarm

8. Driver identity verification

9. Freight itinerary supervision


1. The Yuwei system security management platform can be connected with the online truck order system. When a dispute or accident occurs between the online truck driver and the passenger, the system can check audio and video recordings, pictures, location, vehicle speed, turn signal usage, brake conditions, etc. Restore disputes and accidents, and provide an effective basis for event responsibility determination.


2. The background of the safety management platform can turn on the voice intercom. When danger occurs, it will intervene with voice shouting to play a deterrent role, stop the bad behavior of the driver in time and keep evidence.


3. After one-click alarm, the monitoring platform will automatically pop up the real-time picture in the car, and the real-time location information of the vehicle will be reported to the public security system, so that the police can promptly dispatch the police and track the vehicle involved, providing valuable time for preventing personal and property damage.


4. When the route of the network-hailing truck deviates from the predetermined route, a vehicle deviation alarm will be generated, which will play an early warning role for passengers and the platform, and stop the deviation in time. In addition, pedestrian collision warning and vehicle collision warning can also reduce vehicle accidents.

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