Fleet Dash Cam Solutions

Fleet Dash Cam Solution

Date Time: March 18, 2024
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Fleet Dash Cam Solutions

70% of accidents are not the driver's fault. Intelligent AI fleet dashcam footage proves this! Chinese supplier YUWEI wholesales dual-facing dashcams for fleet drivers; enhancing driver safety with 24-hour GPS fleet tracking.

Fleet Dash Cam Solutions

Real-time Alerts

YUWEI's AI dashcam technology detects high-risk driving behaviors with unparalleled accuracy, sending real-time alerts to the cabin to alter driving behavior.

Unprecedented Visibility

Integrated fleet dashcams feature a front-facing camera for recording potential road hazards and a driver-facing camera for monitoring unsafe driving behaviors.

Video Recording & Storage

All recorded video events are stored on the dashcam's local storage card and uploaded to cloud servers for further inspection and analysis. Never worry about losing critical event data.

Real-time Video Monitoring

The ability to remotely monitor vehicles and drivers empowers fleet managers to "take the reins," accurately seeing what drivers see and providing real-time driver guidance when necessary.

Integrated or Standalone

Industry-leading fleet management solutions integrate for optimal driver monitoring, fleet performance, health, safety, and productivity. As standalone devices, YUWEI AI dashcams with GPS offer remote driver monitoring, real-time location tracking, and trip history.

Utilize YUWEI cameras to detect unsafe driving behaviors and provide actionable insights for managers to enhance driver and fleet safety.

Dashcam Advantages

Real-time video monitoring and recording: Monitor your workforce in real-time via live streaming or access recorded footage stored in the cloud anytime.


Dual cameras: Provide higher transparency and unparalleled visibility, including night vision, displaying a complete view of the road and interior environment.


ADAS+DSM assisted driving: Constantly remind drivers of safe driving through advanced AI-assisted driving systems.


Driver monitoring: Help drivers correct behaviors such as speeding, aggressive acceleration, and harsh braking, which could damage your vehicles.


Lower operational costs: Automatically guiding against unsafe driving behaviors can save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for medium to large fleets.

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