Bus Mobile DVR Camera System with GPS

HD 1080p Bus Mobile DVR Camera System with GPS

Date Time: February 20, 2024
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Bus Mobile DVR Camera System with GPS

YUWEI IP67 waterproof and dustproof bus DVR camera system can achieve real-time remote video monitoring, and can be used in conjunction with our ADAS, driver status monitoring system, and radar system, suitable for 24-hour mobile video monitoring of various vehicles, including audio, video synchronous recording, global positioning, and wireless audio real-time video transmission. It realizes effective vehicle monitoring, GPS tracking, and fleet management.

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Bus DVR system features

- Supports 6 channels of analog video input; including 2 channels of 1080P HD video, 2 channels of audio input, 1 channel of IPC input, and 1 channel of CVBS output, providing comprehensive audio and video intelligent monitoring and recording;

- Recording resolutions include 1080P, 720P, etc.;

- With GPS tracking function, it can help fleet managers track the real-time position and movement of vehicles.

- Multiple recording modes: boot recording, normal recording, scheduled recording, event recording (including gravity sensing recording, speed measurement recording, motion detection recording, alarm input recording, emergency button recording), loop recording, 10-second pre-recording;

- Supports 2G/3G/4G/WIFI/GPS/BDS tracking; real-time remote monitoring can be realized on iOS and Windows clients;

- APP mode supports direct connection of mobile phones to devices, convenient for previewing and configuring on the mobile APP side;

- Automatically uploads data for remote intelligent data analysis and management, including data such as alarm records, alarm information, log information, GPS trajectories, real-time videos, and electronic fences;

- Supports up to 128GB SD card and 2T SSD for data storage;

- Supports dual-stream technology, supports sub-stream network transmission;

- Supports G-sensor acceleration sensor;

- Uses high-definition touch screen and infrared remote control operation;

- Excellent super capacitor protection;

- IP67 waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof;

- Supports intelligent monitoring functions such as ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), and DSM (Driver Behavior Safety Warning), passenger status, cabin loading status, and cargo status.


The Mobile DVR adopts embedded processor and embedded operating system, combined with the latest h.265 audio and video codec technology in the IT field, GPS/BDS global positioning, 4G/WIFI wireless communication technology, advanced vehicle power management technology, and geographic information technology.


Why choose YUWEI bus MDVR system?

- Durability: The design of the bus MDVR system can withstand harsh road conditions, including temperature fluctuations, vibration, and impact. This ensures that the camera can continue to operate normally even in challenging environments.

- Storage capacity: Bus MDVR systems typically have large storage capacities and can record hours of video clips. This is important for fleet managers who need to view video clips from multiple vehicles over a long period of time.

- Remote access: Bus MDVR systems can be accessed remotely, allowing fleet managers to view real-time or recorded video clips of vehicles at any time. This is useful for monitoring driver behavior or responding to events in real-time.

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YUWEI bus DVR system can achieve wireless remote monitoring, GPS map positioning, vehicle historical trajectory playback, voice intercom, alarm linkage, remote video storage, remote video download, vehicle area management, remote device upgrades, etc.


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YUWEI is a well-known professional bus DVR system manufacturer in China, with high productivity and efficiency factories, and our bus DVR system is sold at a cost-effective price. Please feel free to contact us. (Email: hello@yuweitek.com)

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