Forklift Wireless Camera System

Forklift Wireless Camera System

Date Time: February 08, 2024
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Forklift Wireless Camera System

Forklift is the main force of material handling in many enterprises, helping enterprises to carry out handling operations with high efficiency and low cost. However, due to the lack of monitoring and management of forklifts, problems such as forklift collision accidents and difficult forklift management arise, resulting in high management costs and low management efficiency. China Yuwei has launched a wireless camera system for forklift to help enterprises solve the problem of forklift monitoring and management in one stop.


forklift camera system

The difficulties in forklift management

  • Frequent safety accidents

  • Fatigue driving and dangerous driving by drivers

  • Exceeding the management area

  • Traffic accidents in blind areas and inability to determine responsibility

Functions of the forklift wireless camera system

Remote real-time video supervision
Equip the camera with 4G remote function in front of the vehicle
Real-time view the vehicle operation in the back-end platform


Platform statistics of vehicle online and offline time
The software system automatically counts the number and time of each forklift's online and offline times, providing precise data on the working conditions of each forklift, avoiding idle resource waste costs.


GPS real-time positioning of vehicle location
Through the GPS real-time positioning module equipped with 4G camera, the real-time location of the forklift is reported to the management platform. Once the vehicle drives into a non-work area, an alarm will be triggered immediately and alert the management personnel. Remote locking can be performed.


Video playback and query
4G remote historical video playback, restore all processes of vehicle driving, clearly define responsibility and next prevention measures.


What problems does the forklift camera system solve?

Through platform data, it can clearly know the operation status of each vehicle, flexibly dispatching to improve work efficiency and avoid resource waste.

4G remote real-time video can discover non-standard behaviors during operation, train drivers' safety awareness in a timely manner, and reduce accident risks.

Real-time positioning of vehicle location can avoid driving in non-work areas, improving construction work safety and reducing risks.

Video recording of the entire process of forklift operation can track back the operation process at any time, providing video evidence for the restoration of events and improving management efficiency.

Installation case of forklift wireless camera system:

forklift wireless camera system

How much does the forklift camera system cost?

The individual forklift camera costs $25. If a multi-functional on-board camera is required, the cost will be higher. You can contact us to get a quote (

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