How Good is a Vehicle-Mobile DVR

How Good is a Vehicle-Mobile DVR?

Date Time: June 25, 2024
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How Good is a Vehicle-Mobile DVR

The intelligent vehicle-mobile DVR (Digital Video Recorder) has the following ten features, which provide significant advantages in managing various types of fleets:

1. Built-in Intelligent Software Algorithm Module

The intelligent vehicle-mounted DVR includes necessary intelligent software algorithm modules, making the vehicle-mounted mobile video surveillance system intelligent. When an abnormal situation is identified, the system automatically performs local video recording, display, and pre-alarm, and then sends the encoded and compressed data to the central monitoring station via 3G or LAN for storage and display.

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2. Built-in GPS Positioning Module

With the built-in GPS positioning module, the intelligent vehicle-mounted DVR can interface with the GPS positioning platform of the monitoring center. Fleet managers can view the vehicle's route, speed, and interior conditions on an electronic map, facilitating vehicle management and dispatch. Additionally, it supports video OSD overlay function, displaying driving time, license plate number, channel name, and other information.


3. Support for Automatic Switching Between 3G and Wi-Fi

The intelligent vehicle-mounted DVR supports automatic switching between 3G and Wi-Fi wireless transmission technologies. The system prioritizes using Wi-Fi. When the vehicle enters an area without Wi-Fi, it automatically switches to 3G and adjusts the resolution; when back in a Wi-Fi area, it switches back to Wi-Fi. Video data stored in the vehicle can be automatically imported to the central storage server at the terminal station.


4. Powerful Recording Function

The intelligent vehicle-mounted DVR supports alarm input/output and voice intercom functions. It can operate standalone, decoding IP video data into composite video signals for display on monitors, or through various networks for local or remote video browsing, storage, and snapshots.


5. Provides SDK Interface with Strong Scalability

The intelligent vehicle-mounted DVR offers an SDK interface, supporting data calls by other applications for multi-system integration. Through the expansion interface, it can collect driving data, fare machine data, IC card interface data, passenger statistics, LCD display, and temperature sensor data.


6. Supports Delayed Shutdown Function

To ensure comprehensive monitoring records and vehicle safety, the intelligent vehicle-mounted DVR supports a delayed shutdown function. After the vehicle is turned off, the system can automatically extend the shutdown time, adjustable according to dispatch center needs, ranging from 3 minutes to 24 hours.


7. Random Irreversible Aerial Data Encryption

The intelligent vehicle-mounted DVR has random irreversible aerial data encryption. Before video transmission, the system encrypts the front-end video with a configured key. To play back the video files through IE or platform clients, a key must be entered, ensuring data security in the 3G transmission network environment.


8. Adjustable Resolution and Dual Stream Function

The intelligent vehicle-mounted DVR supports adjustable resolution and dual stream function, alleviating transmission network bandwidth issues and ensuring stable wireless video transmission.


9. Anti-Shock and Heat Dissipation Function

In the unique environment of buses, the intelligent vehicle-mounted DVR uses a comprehensive shock reduction solution, including mechanical, electronic, and software shock reduction, ensuring data security. It employs laptop hard drives for improved reliability and shock resistance, damping rubber or military shock reduction techniques for energy conversion, and external acceleration sensors to adjust hard drive read/write cycles or reset heads to safe zones. Aluminum casing ensures low power consumption and good system operation.


10. High Malleability

The intelligent vehicle-mounted DVR system is highly malleable, supporting extended systems for GPS positioning, route playback, driving data recording, automatic voice announcements, media playback, and more. It offers diverse client browsing methods to meet the needs of wireless mobile video surveillance in buses and other vehicles.


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