Best Trucker Dash Cam System

Trucker Dash Cam System

Date Time: March 05, 2024
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Best Trucker Dash Cam System

Trucks, buses, tankers, and vehicles transporting hazardous materials have long been plagued by issues such as poor driving habits among drivers and frequent accidents due to blind spots. Additionally, in the freight industry, problems like loss, theft, and damage to goods during transportation are common occurrences.

trucker dash cam system

China YUWEI has developed a comprehensive intelligent proactive safety solution consisting of a truck onboard terminal system, driver behavior monitoring system, advanced driver assistance system, blind spot pedestrian detection system, safety driving cabin monitoring system, overload prevention system, anti-fuel theft system, anti-loss and damage goods system, and 360-degree intelligent surround view system.

YUWEI truck camera system advantages

Cabin camera

Intelligent monitoring cameras installed inside the cabin and aisle detect and alert dangerous driving behaviors such as using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt, and hands-off the steering wheel, as well as detecting and alerting illegal operation behaviors such as overcrowding and overloading during the driving process.

Driver behavior camera

Advanced Driver Monitoring System (DMS) detects various unsafe driving behaviors such as fatigue, smoking, making phone calls, and distractions in real-time, issuing timely alerts.

Onboard terminal

Provides real-time communication/GPS positioning, remote real-time preview, video data storage, vehicle operation data storage, overspeed alarm, etc., for passenger and cargo vehicles, offering strong technical support for local data storage and remote online management, helping the industry solve vehicle tracking and management issues.

Assistance driving system

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) focuses on various emergencies during vehicle operation in real-time, helping drivers anticipate risks in advance and take timely braking, steering, and other measures to avoid potential road risks.

360-degree surround view camera system

By covering the vehicle's surroundings and blind spots with multiple cameras, the system integrates AI machine vision algorithms to actively alert when pedestrians are around the vehicle, linking alarms with the onboard screen, which displays the corresponding alarm scene, providing intuitive prompts to the driver.

Blind spot detection system

The Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) helps drivers monitor blind spots, using AI visual technology to detect pedestrians approaching the vehicle's blind spots, minimizing the occurrence of severe traffic accidents related to blind spots.

Cargo detection system: The anti-fuel theft monitoring system and anti-loss and damage goods system use smart cameras installed on the side and top of the tanker to monitor suspicious individuals in real-time and issue alerts. Additionally, the cargo door magnetic induction system and cargo box temperature and humidity sensing system provide real-time protection for cargo safety.

truck camera system

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