Mine Truck Intelligent Dispatch System

Mine Truck Intelligent Dispatch System Solution

Date Time: July 02, 2024
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Mine Truck Intelligent Dispatch System

Open-pit mining operations cover a wide area, with rapidly changing locations and equipment status. Traditional production scheduling and organization methods cannot promptly, comprehensively, or accurately grasp the frequently changing on-site working conditions. Dispatchers rely on personal experience to adjust production, failing to ensure optimal and efficient mining production processes. Manual information collection and data calculation result in low data accuracy and poor response timeliness. Manual execution of ore blending plan dispatches vehicles, leading to large fluctuations in ore grade. To improve production efficiency and reduce production consumption, it is essential to manage large-scale production globally and perform optimal real-time scheduling based on real-time production information. This will form a scientific and intelligent computer dispatch system, fundamentally solving production management process issues and ensuring the achievement of high-efficiency and high-output production goals.



The system comprehensively utilizes global satellite positioning technology, wireless communication technology, cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and data analysis to intelligently manage the entire process of loading, transporting, and unloading within the mining area.


The system consists of three main parts: intelligent terminals, a control center, and a wireless communication system.


Functional Architecture

The system uses a modular design composed of numerous sub-modules, including: intelligent dispatch, 2D electronic map, 3D electronic map, intelligent reporting, intelligent ore blending, fuel control, collision prevention, fatigue driving prevention, reversing image, onboard video, tire pressure management, weighing management, large screen, video surveillance, and more.


Intelligent Terminal

The intelligent terminal is installed on mobile equipment in the mining area, featuring waterproof, dustproof, overheating prevention, and shockproof functions. It is highly adaptable to industrial environments and has self-protection capabilities. It uses a color touchscreen with menu operation and includes positioning, automatic equipment status recognition, dispatch function, vehicle status reporting, message forwarding for other devices, system establishment, computing, communication, navigation, interface, information caching, voice broadcast prompt, information query, equipment maintenance management, alarm, and system interface functions.



Equipment Status Monitoring

The system automatically monitors location using Beidou and GPS tracking systems, automatically collecting information about production equipment at any time, such as location, status, speed, direction, and materials, and displaying it on the software interface.


Dispatch Charts

The system can automatically generate various production data statistical reports in real-time, including personnel output reports, truck-shovel output reports, equipment distance queries, and overspeed situations, displayed in intuitive formats like pie charts, bar charts, and line charts, providing a basis for production decision-making.


Fuel Consumption Control

The system consists mainly of a fuel truck control device, an oil-receiving vehicle identification device, an oil-receiving vehicle fuel consumption collection device, an onboard terminal, a data transmission network, and a central control center. It can track the flow and consumption of fuel in refueling stations, fuel trucks, dump trucks, and engineering machinery in real-time, effectively preventing abnormal fuel loss during refueling.


Tire Pressure Management

As one of the three major consumables in mining operations, many mining tires are scrapped due to early failure, spontaneous combustion, or explosion, posing life safety risks. The tire pressure management system can monitor tire operating status in real-time, detect tire faults in time, prevent sudden accidents such as tire bursts, and ensure safe and efficient production.


Collision Prevention

Using GPS positioning technology, wireless communication technology, voice alarm, and predictive algorithms, the system fully addresses various issues such as complex working spaces, high work intensity, numerous blind spots, diverse vehicle types, and long working hours, which cause vehicle collisions. It provides reliable safety guarantees for normal production in open-pit mines.


Fatigue Prevention System

The system analyzes and warns of dangerous driving behaviors and conducts driver facial recognition attendance. The collected video is used by the host to execute intelligent algorithms for analyzing dangerous driving behaviors, such as smoking, making phone calls, not looking ahead, and fatigue driving, timely issuing alarms to remind drivers.

 Mine Truck Dispatch System

Reversing Image

When the truck is reversing, the intelligent terminal displays the reversing image to ensure driver safety.

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