School Bus CCTV Camera System

School Bus CCTV Camera System

Date Time: January 19, 2024
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School Bus CCTV Camera System

YUWEI is a manufacturer and supplier of School Bus CCTV Camera Systems, not a dealers. We provide a variety of in-vehicle monitoring devices, including dashcams, DVRs, vehicle cameras, displays, alarms, sensors, and more.


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The school bus CCTV camera system allows real-time monitoring of school buses, including real-time positioning, information updates, bus stops, bus movements, violation alarms, etc. It enables effective and real-time monitoring of school bus activities. The system provides trip reports (mileage, historical routes, violation alarms, etc.), allowing parents to check the bus location in real-time via their mobile phones, facilitating timely arrangements for pick-up and drop-off.


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School Bus CCTV Camera System Features

Video Surveillance

Parents can view real-time in-vehicle videos through their mobile devices to understand the interior conditions.

Facial Recognition for Boarding and Alighting

Automatically sends facial recognition information of students boarding or alighting to parents, allowing them to timely track their child's travel information, whether they have arrived at school, boarded the bus for home, and their real-time location.

Route Planning

Allows input of start and end points, as well as multiple waypoints. The system generates the fastest/economical/least congested route and displays the location information of waypoints.

Station Alerts

Voice alerts when the bus reaches fixed stations, displaying the list of students boarding or alighting on the screen for driver or supervisor use, avoiding mistakes in student boarding or alighting. Real-time display of boarding, alighting, and absent students on the teacher's mobile phone aids in student attendance management.


Attendance Records: Automatically generates daily and monthly statistical reports for archiving and provides effective, scientific data support for fleet managers.


Multiple Alarm Prevention for Student Retention

1. First Alarm: After ACC is turned off, if students are still on board, the system immediately activates voice reminders and can send messages to the driver or administrator's mobile phone.

2. Second Alarm: After ACC is turned off and the doors are closed, the system enters a delayed working state, guiding students left behind through voice reminders to undergo facial recognition.

3. Third Alarm: When the device is powered off, it can also use millimeter-wave radar to detect vital signs such as breathing, heartbeat, and movement, then send out an alarm.


Safety Management

Lane Departure/Frequent Lane Changes/Solid Line Crossing/Frontal Collision

Fatigue/Distraction/Drowsiness/Smoking/Taking Calls/Playing with Phone

Fueling Data Statistics

(Real-time monitoring of driver behavior, such as smoking, answering calls, drowsiness, distraction, etc., with corresponding alarm prompts, capturing images and videos of the alarm situations.)

(Real-time monitoring of vehicle dangerous driving situations, such as frontal collision, insufficient following distance, lane departure, frequent lane changes, solid line crossing, with real-time warning alerts.)


Vehicle Information Management

Fueling Records/Insurance Records/Violation Records/Maintenance Records/Annual Inspection Records/Repair Records/Accident Records


Data Visualization:

Statistical analysis based on daily school bus operations and student boarding/alighting situations, presented in a visual format. Fleet managers can quickly make command decisions based on daily school bus work situations.


Price of YUWEI School Bus CCTV Camera

The price for a single School Bus CCTV camera is $23, and the mobile DVR device is $125. The total cost of the entire in-vehicle camera system depends on hardware quotations. Feel free to leave a message, and we will respond to your cost-related questions via WhatsApp/Email within 2 hours.


YUWEI School Bus CCTV solutions involve the integration of multiple in-vehicle cameras, facial recognition devices, sensors, display screens, and other products to achieve comprehensive tracking, monitoring, and management of school buses. Feel free to inquire about the details of the solution.

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School Bus CCTV Q&A

Do school buses have dashcams?

School buses do not always come equipped with dashcams, but their implementation significantly enhances student safety by deterring improper behavior, promoting responsible conduct, and improving driver safety. Therefore, it is recommended that all school buses be fitted with dashcams.

What are the benefits of installing dashcams on school buses?

Dashcams inside and outside the bus capture clear video and audio, aiding in addressing student discipline and driver safety concerns. YUWEI provides camera systems, fleet management, 360-degree panoramic cameras, and driver assistance for school and commercial fleets.

Do bus cameras have night vision capabilities?

School bus cameras help drivers see vehicles, obstacles, and children behind the bus. Our rearview monitors offer ultra-clear color images with built-in speakers, while our waterproof cameras feature infrared night vision. YUWEI is a leading provider of backup camera systems for the school bus industry.

Where are the CCTV cameras on buses located?

Externally, vehicles typically have five cameras: one forward-facing, two rear-facing, and one on each side for passing vehicles/pedestrians.

How much does a school bus camera system cost?

The cost of a single YUWEI vehicle camera is US$25. Our school bus camera system will be equipped with 5-8 vehicle cameras, as well as products such as Mobile DVR and vehicle display. You can get the specific cost with us ""
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