Car CCTV Camera System

Best Car CCTV Camera System

Date Time: January 18, 2024
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Car CCTV Camera System

The Car CCTV Camera System is generally composed of multiple in-car cameras, GPS-equipped dashcams, Mobile DVR, in-car display screens, etc. It is mainly used for monitoring the surroundings inside and around the vehicle. It often comes with a reverse 360-degree panoramic camera to ensure the safety of the driver and the vehicle during travel.

Car CCTV Camera System

Components of the Car CCTV Camera System

1. GPS-equipped front and rear dashcams: Mainly used to monitor the road conditions in front and behind the vehicle, helping the driver avoid obstacles. It is also an important camera for recording evidence in case of collisions or accidents.

2. Mobile DVR: Equipped with multiple cameras, it stores audio and video, recording under condition triggers.

3. 360-degree in-car cameras: Usually installed on both sides of the car, monitoring blind spots and assisting the driver in overtaking and changing lanes, paying attention to side situations.

4. ADAS cameras: Advanced Driver Assistance System cameras that perceive the surrounding environment, such as obstacle recognition, collision detection, pedestrian detection, providing audio-visual alarm prompts to the driver.

5. DSM cameras: Driver Monitoring System cameras used to detect behaviors such as fatigue driving, phone use, smoking, distraction, and seatbelt non-compliance to ensure the driver's safety.

6. In-car cameras: Cameras monitoring the safety of passengers and cargo.

7. In-car display screen: The generated image from the panoramic cameras is displayed on the screen, allowing the driver to have a better understanding of the surroundings.

How does the Car CCTV Camera System work?

It works by using in-car cameras to capture images, processing them through technology to generate a panoramic image, and displaying it intuitively on an in-car screen. The storage device stores videos and images for playback and investigation purposes.

Is it necessary to install the Car CCTV Camera System?

If you own commercial vehicles such as trucks, semi-trailers, buses, school buses, concrete trucks, sanitation vehicles, trailers, etc., we recommend installing it. This can help your vehicles and drivers avoid unnecessary risks and improve safety while driving. Through the installed monitoring management system, you can clearly view real-time positioning and high-definition video tracking of the vehicle. You can also understand vehicle dispatch, mileage, fuel consumption, etc., based on generated analysis reports from the backend. Additionally, in many countries, installing a safety monitoring system in your vehicle may reduce related insurance costs (though this is not absolute).

YUWEI Car CCTV Camera System Price?

The cost of a single in-car camera is $23, Mobile DVR costs $125. A YUWEI Car CCTV Camera System is equipped with multiple cameras and other advanced driving assistance systems and software. If you need a detailed quote, you can provide us with your vehicle model, and we will reply to your email ( or WhatsApp within 3 hours.

Car CCTV Camera System installation case

Truck CCTV Camera System

The Truck CCTV Camera System is used by logistics vehicles in over 30 countries. Well-known brands include Yuxin Logistics, Liuzhou Qiangshi, China Construction Fourth Bureau, Shaogang Jiayang, CR Cement, Conch Cement, etc.

truck CCTV Camera System

School Bus CCTV Camera System

The School Bus CCTV Camera System is applied to school fleets in China, Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, etc.

school bus CCTV Camera System

Bus CCTV Camera System

The Bus CCTV Camera System has been installed in over 50,000 sets, mostly in China. Well-known enterprises include Dongfeng Coaches, BYD buses, etc.

bus CCTV Camera System

Dump Truck CCTV Camera System

The Dump Truck CCTV Camera System is mainly purchased by project vehicle fleets. The current procurement countries include China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Brazil, Mexico, with over 40 mining area fleets using our products.

Dump Truck CCTV Camera System

We have corresponding solutions for more types of fleets; you can communicate with our engineers at

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide CCTV Camera System hardware or software systems?

We are a China-based in-vehicle monitoring supplier with factories in Dongguan, Guangdong. We have four technical research and development centers in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Xi'an, with over 500 employees. We offer a series of products, including monitoring system hardware and software.

Is it convenient to visit your company?

Our headquarters is in Shenzhen, and the factory is in Dongguan, not far apart. If you have plans to come to China, we would welcome a visit to our company. We can arrange a tour of our research and development center and factory production center. We can communicate with you in English throughout the entire process.

Is the installation of the car CCTV Camera System simple?

We have a dedicated installation team to assist you, and we also provide comprehensive installation videos. Of course, we need to know the type of your fleet, whether it's trucks, buses, taxis, school buses, etc.

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