Bus CCTV Surveillance Systems

Bus CCTV Surveillance System

Date Time: July 01, 2024
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Bus CCTV Surveillance Systems

YUWEI Bus CCTV Surveillance Systems provide real-time location tracking, safety video monitoring, driver behavior monitoring, and more for operational vehicles. These features help companies achieve transparent information, intelligent management, and safe driving for efficient fleet operations.

 Bus CCTV Surveillance Systems

YUWEI offers visualized intelligent solutions specifically for bus management. Utilizing location services, visual intelligence, and communication network technologies, YUWEI integrates hardware devices, cloud-based back-end, and big data algorithms to deliver real-time location tracking, safety video monitoring, driving trajectory playback, multiple alert notifications, and driver behavior summaries for operational vehicles. This continuous collection of vehicle information aids enterprises in achieving transparent information, intelligent management, and efficient fleet operations while enhancing vehicle operational safety.

 Bus CCTV system

Benefits of Bus CCTV Surveillance Systems:

- Fleet Risk Management: YUWEI provides visual data and video records that allow managers to predict risks and take preemptive actions. These records can also serve as a reference for driver assessments, reminding them to drive according to regulations and reducing operational accident rates.


- Improved Operational Efficiency: Real-time location monitoring makes complex scheduling flexible and orderly. Video monitoring and driver behavior analysis give managers a comprehensive understanding of the fleet's real-time status.


- Driver Behavior Regulation: Terminals can monitor and promptly remind drivers of any improper driving behaviors (such as rapid acceleration, speeding, distracted driving, following too closely, and lane departure), helping improve driving habits.

  Bus CCTV

- Effective Incident Evidence: Video surveillance combined with an emergency button can provide factual evidence to deter driver and passenger misconduct, prevent and resolve disputes, and allow victims to call for help in emergencies, preventing tragedies.


YUWEI IVMS System Features:

- Real-time Video

- Video Playback

- Event Video

- Real-time Location

- Trajectory Playback

- Driving Behavior Reports

- Geofence Setup

- Multi-vehicle Management

Bus Management System

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