School Bus Camera Systems Installation

Date Time: November 07, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

Challenges in School Bus Tracking Management:

In recent years, school bus traffic accidents have become the leading cause of accidental injuries and fatalities among primary and secondary school students. The main causes of these situations are "driver's violations while driving and lack of maintenance and repair of school buses". As a long-standing regulatory issue, school bus transportation urgently needs to be effectively monitored through technological facilities for safe operation, and also serves as a basis for accountability in the event of an accident.

The school bus camera system is based on 3G and 4G wireless transmission technology, combined with GPS/BDS positioning monitoring, vehicle driving records, driver identification, abnormal alarms, and other intelligent functions for real-time monitoring and high-definition recording around the clock, effectively addressing the existing issues in school bus management."

Function and Advantages of School Bus Cameras System


Real-time Monitoring Function

- Real-time positioning, real-time information, parking status, and driving condition of the school bus

- The positioning and control system enables real-time and effective monitoring of the school bus dynamics

- Provides vehicle usage reports, including mileage, historical routes, and violation alarms


School Bus Camera

Convenient Parental Inquiry

- Parents can use their mobile phones to real-time track the school bus position for convenient pick-up arrangements

- Video monitoring allows parents and teachers to view real-time onboard videos through a mobile app, gaining insights into the interior conditions


Face Recognition for Boarding and Station Alerts

- Face recognition can be set up for boarding and exiting, automatically sending students' facial recognition information to parents

- When the school bus arrives at designated stations, the device will voice broadcast the station arrival to remind the driver and students to board or disembark

- The mobile app for teachers shows real-time lists of boarding, exiting, and absent students, assisting the driver and teachers in student counting


School Bus Camera system

Multiple Alarms to Prevent Stranding

- First-level alarm: After the ACC is turned off, the device immediately initiates a voice broadcast reminder

- Second-level alarm: After the ACC is turned off and the doors are closed, the device enters a delayed working state and guides stranded students to perform facial recognition through voice broadcasts

- Third-level alarm: With the device powered off, it uses millimeter-wave radar to monitor stranded students and issue alarm messages


Safety Management Function

- Real-time monitoring of the driver's driving behavior, such as smoking, phone usage, drowsiness, and distraction, with prompt alarms

- Real-time monitoring of vehicle dangerous driving conditions, such as front collision, insufficient distance, lane departure, and frequent lane changes, with instant alarm prompts


Vehicle Service Management and Data Visualization

- Full lifecycle information management for vehicles, including refueling records, insurance records, violation records, maintenance records, annual inspection records, and ETC management

- Visualized data analysis provides clear insights into daily school bus operations, facilitating quick decision-making


Global Certification

- YUWEI school bus camera management system has been deployed in over 30 countries worldwide

- It holds certifications from the U.S. FCC, EU CE, and China CCC, meeting the procurement needs of global customers


School Bus Camera Systems Installation

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