School Bus GPS Tracking System Price

School Bus GPS Tracking System Price

Date Time: January 26, 2024
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School Bus GPS Tracking System Price

In recent years, school bus safety accidents have occurred frequently, such as unqualified school bus drivers working without proper certification, severe collision accidents during school bus transportation, students being trapped in high temperatures after the bus engine stalls, and so on. These incidents have had a significant negative impact on society and may cause irreparable harm to the families of the students involved. School bus safety has garnered high attention from society, and after enduring painful lessons, it is crucial to reflect seriously. Under the strict improvement of government school bus safety management measures, it is essential to explore how to enhance supervision through technological means, prevent accidents, and swiftly initiate rescue and emergency measures in crisis situations. This responsibility is one that the current government, schools, and businesses should actively address.


School Bus GPS Tracking

Pain Points Analysis

Overloading of vehicles

Insufficient financial investment by local authorities or schools results in mismatched numbers of school buses and students, leading to frequent overloading and causing serious traffic accidents.

Unlicensed drivers

Lack of proper assessment for school bus drivers often results in temporary drivers working without proper licenses, increasing the risk of traffic accidents.

Non-standard driving

Drivers lacking responsibility often engage in unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding, abrupt acceleration and deceleration, sharp turns, and using phones while driving, significantly affecting the safety of both driving and student passengers.

Students trapped after engine stalls

Due to negligence on the part of the driver and accompanying teacher, students are often left trapped in the bus after the engine stalls, leading to severe suffocation incidents.

Parental concerns

Parents, when picking up or dropping off their children, are unaware of the exact arrival time of the school bus, leading to prolonged waits or delayed pickups. Parents also desire timely SMS notifications about their child's safe arrival and departure during the school commute.


Vehicle Full-Process Monitoring and Emergency Dispatch Solution

The implementation of a school bus GPS tracking system involves installing a 4G wireless video intelligent onboard terminal kit on school buses. This system achieves high-precision GPS positioning, real-time audio and video scheduling, monitoring of the number of students boarding and alighting, verification of the driver's legal identity, and safety-assisted driving detection. It integrates with a backend data monitoring cloud platform to realize intelligent school bus safety and operational management. This solution has been successfully applied in numerous projects both domestically and internationally.


School Bus GPS Tracking System Price

School bus GPS tracking System Features

Full-course monitoring

Real-time video monitoring of vehicles allows remote viewing of live and historical video data. Dynamic switching of video feeds corresponding to the bus's left and right turns provides driving assistance to the driver. High-precision GPS positioning allows real-time tracking of each vehicle's location and current status, with the ability to retrieve the historical trajectory.

Speed monitoring

Real-time GPS global positioning module in the vehicle allows constant awareness of the vehicle's speed. A preset speed threshold triggers timely alerts to the driver and alarms to the backend platform, providing an effective means for school bus management.

Safety driving assistance system

The built-in safety module of the onboard terminal monitors the driver's driving status (DSM system) for signs such as yawning, closing eyes, smoking, phone use, drinking water, and looking around. The forward-facing Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) warns of potential collisions, too-close distances, and lane departure.

Vehicle driving status detection

The onboard terminal's unique GSensor algorithm dynamically detects the vehicle's dynamic movements, such as rapid acceleration, deceleration, sharp turns, and collision detection alerts.

Passenger count

Intelligent video passenger counting devices installed on the bus doors accurately calculate boarding, alighting, and in-bus passenger numbers. In case of overloading, the onboard terminal promptly alerts the backend monitoring cloud platform.

Driver facial recognition

The onboard cameras perform facial recognition on school bus drivers, effectively addressing issues of unlicensed and fraudulent driving.

SMS/WeChat notifications

During boarding and alighting, the onboard terminal sends information about the student to the cloud platform, which can then notify parents through SMS or WeChat in a timely manner.

Anti-trapping mechanism

After the vehicle engine stalls, the driver must trigger a safety inspection button installed at the rear of the vehicle within a specified time. Failure to do so results in timely reminders and alarms, adding a safety mechanism to prevent students from being trapped in the bus after the engine stalls.

Data statistics

Attendance reports, operation reports, and alarm reports.

Information management

Basic information management, vehicle maintenance information, and maintenance records.

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