Taxi and Uber cab Security Camera System

Taxi and Uber cab Security Camera Systems

Date Time: April 25, 2024
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Taxi and Uber cab Security Camera System

In recent years, the rapid development of ride-hailing services has made transportation increasingly intelligent and convenient. However, along with rapid development comes inherent risks. The frequent occurrence of serious incidents involving ride-hailing services such as DiDi in recent years is proof of this.

The risks and hazards in safety and regulation associated with ride-hailing services have had many negative impacts, leading people to question this mode of transportation. Consequently, many ride-hailing companies have suffered significant losses, prompting relevant enterprises and government departments to devise various measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.

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Issues with taxis:

- Drivers intentionally taking longer routes and overcharging

- Personal injury incidents

- Uneven dispatching leading to resource wastage

YUWEI Taxi Camera System:

To address safety and regulatory issues with ride-hailing services, China YUWEI has developed a vehicle-mounted terminal equipped with 4G video and positioning capabilities. This terminal functions as a dashcam and provides real-time video monitoring inside and outside the driver's cabin. It also sends location information to fleet managers, allowing them to monitor ride-hailing vehicles in real-time. If any issues arise, it triggers alarms for immediate attention.

Additionally, the terminal supports an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) for proactive safety warnings, including features such as distance monitoring, forward collision warning, pedestrian collision warning, and lane departure warning. These features provide proactive safety alerts to reduce incidents such as drivers taking longer routes or accidents.

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Core features of the taxi camera system:

- Front and rear 1080P HD cameras

- SOS alarm function

- ADAS driving safety warnings

- Remote listening function

- Image/video capture

- Call intercom function

- Real-time tracking of vehicle trajectory

- Regional fences, remote locking

- 24-hour parking surveillance

Feature highlights:

Real-time video monitoring:

1. Supports real-time online video viewing, remote video playback, downloading of video files, and synchronous playback of audio and video.

2. Monitoring and image capture of the driver's seat effectively regulate driver behavior.

3. Passenger seat monitoring effectively deters criminals with malicious intent, preventing danger before it occurs.

Vehicle positioning management:

1. The management platform can locate ride-hailing vehicles in real-time, enabling supervision.

2. Historical trajectory playback allows supervision of whether drivers are taking detours or carrying passengers without authorization.

3. Electronic fence functionality effectively prevents cross-district passenger pickup issues.

Alarm function:

1. Passengers or drivers can trigger alarms in emergencies through the alarm button, initiating a coordinated response with the municipal traffic police and the 110 command center.

2. The platform also provides vehicle monitoring functions such as electronic fence area reminders, overspeed reminders, fatigue driving alarms, and abnormal aggregation monitoring.

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ADAS (optional):

1. ADAS cameras sense the surrounding environment during vehicle operation.

2. Provides alerts for dangerous driving, forward collision, and lane departure, reducing accident risks.

Report statistics:

1. Comprehensive statistical analysis, including active safety alarms and related evidence, mileage reports, driving reports, alarm statistics, fuel consumption reports, temperature reports, regional reports, parking reports, online statistics, etc.

Advantages of the taxi monitoring solution:

Intelligent real-time management:

Intelligent real-time management transforms passive into proactive safety control, providing ride-hailing services with real-time automatic monitoring and alarm capabilities, reducing operational management costs.

Visual management:

The vehicle networking uploads images and videos in real-time, intelligently monitoring driver behavior, effectively supervising passenger safety, establishing safety supervision and emergency response mechanisms to ensure the safety of lives and property.

Safety assurance:

Real-time video and audio recording in vehicles and one-click alarm functions can exert psychological pressure on drivers or passengers, effectively reducing personal injury or robbery incidents and lowering accident rates.

Big data management:

Utilizes big data for proactive safety management, driver risk assessment, driver behavior scoring, and performance management to ensure service levels.

Camera Systems Q&A

What certifications does the taxi camera system have?

- FCC certification



- Thailand NBTC

What functionalities does the taxi camera system have?

- GPS positioning

- Beidou positioning

- 1080P resolution

- ADAS driving assistance

- Night vision

- DMS driver monitoring

- Fuel consumption monitoring

- Reverse image system

- IVMS management system

Can I order samples of the taxi camera system to check the quality?

Certainly! You can order one or multiple sets of samples to inspect the quality.

Where is your shipping warehouse located?

Typically, we ship from warehouses in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

When can I expect to receive the vehicle camera system after payment?

Small orders will be shipped within 3-5 days, while large orders usually ship within 15-20 days.
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