Concrete Mixer Truck Camera System

Concrete Mixer Truck Camera System Solution

Date Time: April 25, 2024
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Concrete Mixer Truck Camera System

With the rapid development of the economy, urban construction is proceeding vigorously, and the sight of mixer trucks on the road is common. Issues such as overloading, speeding, and large blind spots of concrete mixer trucks often lead to accidents, posing a threat to people's lives and property.

Concrete Mixer Truck Camera System

Problems Exist

- Non-compliance with designated routes

- Fatigue driving

- Speeding

- Leakage along the route

Core Features of Concrete Mixer Truck Camera System

- Intelligent real-time video monitoring

- Intelligent right blind spot BSD detection

- Load detection

- Face DSM fatigue detection

- LED display alarm function

- Voice reminders for speeding and overloading

- Audio-visual alarm warning reminders

- Monitoring center data reporting function

Feature Overview

Video Surveillance

1. Full-angle, no-dead-zone high-definition real-time video surveillance and blind spot monitoring

2. Wireless real-time intercom

3. Speeding video evidence collection

4. Remote dispatching

Automated Management

1. Load sensor automatically weighs and uploads to the platform

2. Real-time fuel consumption monitoring

Proactive Control

1. Distracted driving, smoking, looking around, yawning, making phone calls, hands off the steering wheel, close proximity to the preceding vehicle, road deviation, etc.

Job Status Statistics

1. Customizable detection of job status, such as forward and reverse rotation, air conditioning, etc.

Concrete Mixer Truck Camera System Solution

Advantages of Concrete Mixer Truck Solution

Comprehensive job control

Supports up to 8 channels of high-definition cameras for real-time viewing of the job site from all angles, real-time detection of job status such as rotation, reverse rotation, air conditioning, etc.

Operational cost control

Automatic alarms for abnormal fuel levels and unloading, automatic generation of fuel and unloading reports

Intelligent monitoring

Comprehensive intelligent monitoring of driving processes, ADAS driving anomaly warnings (lane departure warning, forward collision warning, preceding vehicle proximity warning, etc.), DSM fatigue warnings (fatigue driving detection, attention detection, detection of adverse behaviors, etc.), intelligent evidence collection and storage of abnormal driving behavior videos.

Easy installation

Three-in-one system including active safety warning system, DVR high-definition recording system, and driving recorder system

4G real-time intercom

Real-time intercom between the center and vehicles via 4G network, low latency, and more convenient communication.

Cement mixer truck Camera System

Camera System Q&A

What certifications does the vehicle-mounted camera system have?

- FCC certification



- Thailand NBTC

What functionalities does the vehicle-mounted camera system have?

- GPS positioning

- Beidou positioning

- 1080P resolution

- ADAS driving assistance

- Night vision

- DMS driver monitoring

- Fuel consumption monitoring

- Reverse image system

- IVMS management system

Can I order samples of the vehicle-mounted camera system to check the quality?

Certainly! You can order one or multiple sets of samples to inspect the quality.

Where is your shipping warehouse located?

Typically, we ship from warehouses in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

When can I expect to receive the vehicle-mounted camera system after payment?

Small orders will be shipped within 3-5 days, while large orders usually ship within 15-20 days.

How can I obtain a price list for the vehicle-mounted camera system?

You can leave a message or send us an email/WhatsApp, and we will contact you to provide our quotation.

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