Taxi cab Camera

2 Channel Dash Cam
2 Channel Dash Cam with GPS


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Yuwei V5 is a 2-channel dashcam designed specifically for video monitoring and GPS tracking management of trucks, buses, and taxis. It supports 2 cameras, providing real-time GPS/BDS positioning and 1080p HD video recording with dual TF card storage. It achieves real-time video transmission through a global 4G network connection. The V5 also features built-in advanced safety algorithms (ADAS, DSM) to enhance safety.

Currently, Yuwei's 2-channel dashcam is widely used in fleet operations in over 30 countries. It is extensively applied in various industries such as trucks, buses, ride-hailing services, taxis, logistics, and government vehicles. It is also recognized as the best 2-channel dashcam in China for the year 2023.
DSM HD camera 720P
DSM HD camera 720P


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This is a specially designed 720P HD camera specifically for car-mounted DSM applications. It utilizes 940NM infrared fill light to effectively eliminate interference from external ambient light. It is equipped with a built-in video amplifier, providing high-quality audio and video signal output. It can operate continuously in harsh environments ranging from -20 to 70 degrees Celsius.
Dual Lens Vehicle Blackbox DVR
Dual Lens Vehicle Blackbox DVR


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A dual lens vehicle blackbox DVR is a car accessory that can be equipped with two cameras, one installed in the front windshield and another at the rear of the vehicle. It supports simultaneous recording of video footage from both perspectives, ensuring a safe driving experience. It features 1080p high-definition recording for clear and detailed images.
DSM camera HD Y13
DSM camera HD


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The DSM camera high-definition Y13 supports the following functions: 1. Fatigue driving detection 2. Smoking detection 3. Phone call detection 4. Distracted driving detection 5. Abnormal state detection.
Dash cam ADAS camera
ADAS HD Dash Camera System for Car


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Advanced Driving Assistance System(ADAS) HD camera is a key component of the advanced assisted driving system. Through ADAS software algorithms, advanced driving assistance functions such as lane departure warning, lane keeping, collision avoidance or pre-collision detection, pedestrian protection, adaptive lighting control, and traffic sign recognition can be realized.
Best 360 Camera for Car
Best 360 Camera for Car


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The car 360-degree panoramic image system is a technology that captures the surrounding environment of the vehicle through multiple cameras, and synthesizes the images into a panoramic image. Through the real-time image transmitted by the reversing camera, the driver can clearly see vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles from all angles, providing the driver with an all-round perspective. In this way, the safety distance can be accurately assessed to ensure that there are no problems when reversing.

Taxi camera Q&A

What is a taxi camera?

A taxi camera refers to surveillance cameras installed in taxis for monitoring purposes.

It provides rear-view video and audio for the customers. The audio and messages are recorded, preventing passengers from destroying evidence.

A taxi camera can conduct video recording inside the taxi, and the quality of the lens is evident in any lighting conditions.

It serves as a powerful tool for both drivers and passengers. The taxi industry has gained notoriety due to cases of abuse against drivers or passengers.

Taxi cameras typically include the following types:

1. Dash Cam: Installed inside or in front of the vehicle, it records video and audio during the taxi's journey. It can capture traffic accidents, road conditions, violations, etc., to serve as evidence or reference.

2. Cabin Camera: Installed inside the taxi, it monitors the behavior and safety of passengers in the backseat. This helps improve the sense of security for both passengers and drivers and reduces inappropriate behavior.

3. Auxiliary Camera: These cameras can be installed in other positions of the taxi, such as the rear, sides, or roof. They provide additional perspectives and panoramic monitoring to capture the surrounding environment and potential incidents.

Taxi cameras aim to address the issue by capturing evidence for prosecution purposes.

How much does a Taxi Camera cost?

There are various options for multi-channel and multi-functional dash cameras. The price of a Taxi Camera starts at $25. However, if you require additional features or higher recording quality, the cost may be higher.

Please send us your specific requirements to, and we will reply with an official product quotation within 12 hours.

Is it necessary to install a taxi camera?

The installation of taxi cameras is usually necessary for the following reasons:

1. Safety recording: Cameras can record accidents, disputes, and other events to provide evidence for drivers and passengers.

2. Fraud prevention: They can prevent passenger fraud, such as falsely claiming non-payment or vehicle damage.

3. Evidence of traffic accidents: Recording traffic accidents around the vehicle helps determine liability and expedite insurance claims.

4. Monitoring driving behavior: Monitoring driving behavior promotes driver safety awareness and reduces violations and accidents.

Before installation, it is important to comply with local laws, especially privacy protection regulations.

Are YUWEI taxi cameras compliant?

Our YUWEI taxi cameras, dashcams, and mobile DVRs are compliant with various certifications, including the FCC certification in the United States, CE certification in the European Union, UKCA certification in the United Kingdom, and NBTC certification in Thailand. Please feel free to request compliance certificates from us for verification.