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Fleet Dash Cam
Fleet Dash Cam with GPS and HD cameras

Model V5

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The Intelligent Video Telematics V5 is a feature-rich 4G Dash Camera designed forthe car video surveillance industry.

lt is a dash cam front and rear . supports up to 4 channel cameras, offers real-time audio and video recording, andutilizes dual TF cards for storage. With Global 4G network connectivity, it enables livevideo transmission, while GPS/BDS positioning ensures accurate tracking.

The dashboard camera V5 also integrates built-in active safety algorithms (ADAS, DSM) for enhanced se-curity. Widely used in online car-hailing, taxis, logistics, and official vehicles.
4 channel Dash Cam
4 Channel Dash Cam


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Yuwei V5 Dashcam is a feature-rich 4-channel dash camera, designed specifically for fleet video monitoring and tracking management.

V5 supports 4-channel cameras, providing real-time audio and 1080p HD video recording, and utilizing dual TF card storage. It achieves real-time video transmission through global 4G network connectivity, while GPS/BDS real-time positioning ensures precise tracking.

V5 also integrates built-in active safety algorithms (ADAS, DSM) to enhance security. Currently, YUWEI 4-channel dashcams are widely used in fleets across more than 30 countries, and are extensively applied in various fields such as trucks, coaches, ride-hailing vehicles, taxis, logistics, government vehicles, and so on.
DSM HD camera 720P
DSM HD camera 720P


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This is a specially designed 720P HD camera specifically for car-mounted DSM applications. It utilizes 940NM infrared fill light to effectively eliminate interference from external ambient light. It is equipped with a built-in video amplifier, providing high-quality audio and video signal output. It can operate continuously in harsh environments ranging from -20 to 70 degrees Celsius.
DSM camera HD Y13
DSM camera HD


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The DSM camera high-definition Y13 supports the following functions: 1. Fatigue driving detection 2. Smoking detection 3. Phone call detection 4. Distracted driving detection 5. Abnormal state detection.
HOD HD Driver Camera
HOD HD dash Camera


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HOD HD Driver Camera is suitable for monitoring the driver's hands leaving the steering wheel, playing with mobile phones, and seat belt monitoring systems. It can be used with the host algorithm to monitor the driver's dangerous driving behavior and other functions.
BSD camera
HD BSD camera Right blind spot


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The BSD camera is a camera mainly used to monitor the blind spot on the right side of the vehicle. It can transmit real-time images to the algorithm host, identify pedestrians in blind spots, and perform pedestrian collision warnings in dangerous areas. Both in-car smart prompts and external audio are used. Optical alarms provide two-way danger reminders for drivers and pedestrians, thereby greatly reducing traffic accident rates.
HD 720P car camera
HD 720P car camera


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Yuwei HD 720P car camera gives you a clear video recording experience, is resistant to high temperatures, and is suitable for installation and use in car environments.

Dash Cam Dual Q&A

What is Dash Cam Dual?

A dual dash cam refers to a type of dashcam that is equipped with front and rear-facing cameras, allowing it to simultaneously record the driving information from both directions. This provides your vehicle with added protection and safety, as it can capture a more comprehensive view of any incidents or accidents that may occur during the driving process. It helps enhance the safety of your fleet.

What are the benefits of dual dash cam?

The benefits of a dual dash cam include:
1. Simultaneously recording the driving information from both directions, providing more comprehensive recording and protection;
2. Providing evidence in case of accidents or disputes;
3. Preventing fraudulent claims by recording potential collisions or accidents, as well as other dangerous driving behaviors;
4. Improving fleet management efficiency by monitoring drivers' driving behavior, reducing unnecessary violations and accident risks;
5. Enabling more comprehensive management of the fleet through extended functions such as BeiDou/GPS satellite positioning, wireless remote transmission (WIFI, 3G/4G), etc.

What is the difference between dual and front dash cam?

The main difference between a dual dash cam and a front dash cam lies in the number of cameras they are equipped with and the coverage they provide.
A front dash cam has only one camera, typically mounted on the front windshield of the vehicle, capturing the view of the road ahead.
On the other hand, a dual dash cam comes with both front and rear cameras. The rear camera is usually installed on the rear windshield of the vehicle, allowing simultaneous recording of both the front and rear views. This enables a more comprehensive recording of not only the road conditions ahead but also the traffic situation behind the vehicle.
Therefore, compared to a front dash cam, a dual dash cam provides more comprehensive and detailed video footage, offering better protection and safety for the vehicle.

Should I get single or dual dash cam?

If you want a more comprehensive driving record, it is recommended to buy a front and rear dash cam together. A front dash cam can provide a record of the road conditions ahead and safety during the driving process, while a dual dash cam can also provide a record of the rear road conditions, giving you a more complete understanding of the entire driving process.

Buying a front and rear dash cam together can also avoid visual blind spots and recording omissions caused by improper installation, as well as inconvenience in device operation and management.

However, whether or not you need to buy a front and rear dash cam together should still be based on your own needs and usage. If you only need basic driving recording functions, or cost-effectiveness is your primary consideration, purchasing a front dash cam alone is also an option.