What is a 4G dash cameras?

4G dash cam refers to a vehicle driving recorder with 4G communication and transmission functions, often with GPS positioning and 1080p video recording functions.

What are the benefits of a dash cam with 4G communication?

A 4G-enabled car DVR, or in-vehicle camera, has several advantages compared to traditional car DVRs:

1. Real-time monitoring and tracking: With 4G connectivity, the car DVR can transmit real-time location and driving information to a cloud-based platform. Users can remotely monitor the vehicle's location, speed, and driving trajectory.

2. Remote playback and download: Users can access the cloud-based platform through their smartphones or computers to view, playback, and download videos and data recorded during the vehicle's journey. This facilitates post-analysis, evidence gathering, and sharing.

3. Emergency event alerts: A 4G-enabled car DVR can detect emergency events such as collisions or sudden braking and promptly notify the vehicle owner or relevant personnel through mobile push notifications. This enables timely response and action.

4. Data backup and security: By utilizing cloud storage, the car DVR's data can be continuously backed up. Even if the device is damaged or stolen, important driving data remains secure and intact.

5. Remote upgrades and management: The 4G connectivity allows for remote upgrades and management of the car DVR through the cloud-based platform. This includes firmware updates and configuration changes, providing convenience for users in terms of usage and maintenance.

What certificates does YUWEI 4G Dash Cam have?

Our 4G driving recorder has compliance certificates such as US FCC certification, EU CE certification, UK UKCA certification and Thailand NBTC certification. Welcome to purchase

How much does a 4G dash camera cost?

There are various options for multi-channel and multi-functional dash cameras. The price of a regular in-vehicle camera starts at $25. However, if you require additional features or higher recording quality, the cost may be higher.

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