Taxi Dispatch System with GPS Camera Monitoring Features

Date Time: October 08, 2023
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Taxi Management System

Yuwei has developed a vehicle-mounted terminal device with 4G video and positioning capabilities. The terminal features a driving recorder and real-time video monitoring inside and outside the driver's compartment. It can also send location information to monitoring departments for real-time tracking of online-hailing car dynamics. Any problems discovered will trigger an alarm!

Taxi Dispatch System with GPS Camera Monitoring Features

Moreover, the terminal supports ADAS driving assistance systems. Through forward-looking warning functions such as vehicle distance monitoring, front collision warning, pedestrian collision warning, and lane departure warning, it provides proactive safety warnings and prevention for online-hailing car drivers, while timely voice reminders or manual interventions reduce detours or accidents.

Core features of the taxi dispatch system

1. Front and rear 1080P HD cameras

2. SOS alarm function

3. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) driving safety warnings

4. Remote monitoring function

5. Image/video capture

6. Intercom function

7. Real-time tracking of travel trajectory

8. Locking of images in emergency situations

Taxi Dispatch System

Introduction to the taxi camera system functionalities

Real-time video monitoring:

1. Supports real-time online video viewing, remote video playback, video file downloading, and synchronous audio-video playback.

2. Driver seat video monitoring and snapshot functionality to effectively regulate driver behavior.

3. Cabin monitoring can effectively deter criminals with criminal intent and prevent potential dangers.

Vehicle tracking and management:

1. The management platform can track the real-time geographical location of online-hailing vehicles, enabling real-time monitoring.

2. Through the historical playback function, it is possible to monitor whether drivers engage in malicious detours or unauthorized passenger pickups.

3. Electronic fence function to effectively address cross-district passenger loading issues.

Alarm function:

1. When passengers or drivers encounter emergency situations, the alarm button triggers a linkage mechanism with the local traffic police department or the 110 command center to sound an alarm.

2. The platform can also provide functions such as electronic fence area reminders, overspeed reminders, fatigue driving alarms, and abnormal aggregation monitoring for vehicle surveillance.

Advanced driver assistance system:

1. Utilizing ADAS cameras to constantly perceive the surrounding environment during vehicle operation.

2. Achieving alerts for dangerous driving, pre-collision warnings, and lane departure warnings to reduce accident risks.

Reporting and statistics:

Comprehensive statistical analysis functions, including proactive safety alarms and related evidence, mileage reports, travel reports, alarm statistics, fuel consumption reports, temperature reports, area reports, parking reports, and online statistics, etc.

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Taxi Management System
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Introduction to the taxi camera system functionalities
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