Taxi DMS Camera Systems

Taxi DMS Camera System

Date Time: June 29, 2024
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Taxi DMS Camera Systems

The Taxi Driver Monitoring System (DMS) specialized camera can be integrated into the YUWEI Mobile DVR system. It is used to monitor poor driving behaviors such as fatigue or distraction, providing proactive warnings and reminders for drivers to ensure safe driving. The camera is easy to install without the need for drilling. It has a high dynamic range, making it suitable for the variable lighting conditions inside a vehicle. It can function normally even in backlight conditions or when directly exposed to sunlight.

taxi dms camera

Suitable for taxis, ride-hailing cars, buses, and other fleet vehicles, this system can store critical driving data and upload it to the cloud, enhancing driving safety. It is an essential sensor for advanced intelligent driving.


The Taxi DMS camera can detect and alert unsafe driving behaviors. By monitoring changes in the eyes and face, it identifies all unsafe driving behaviors during driving and provides corresponding voice prompts. Unsafe driving behaviors include: fatigue (yawning, closed eyes), phone use, distracted driving (looking around, head down), smoking, and driver anomalies (driver leaving the line of sight).

 Taxi DMS Camera Systems

The installation position of the Taxi DMS camera should follow these principles:

1. Installation location: It is recommended to install it on the dashboard or instrument panel.

2. Installation angle: Ensure it is within a 30° range to the right of the driver's straight-ahead view, with the smallest possible angle, as shown in Figure 2.

3. Installation distance: The distance between the camera and the driver's face should range from 60cm to 120cm, with a recommended installation distance of around 80cm.

4. Ensure the driver's face is centered in the DMS camera.

5. Ensure the DMS camera does not obstruct the driver's view or interfere with driving.

6. Ensure the DMS camera is not obstructed by the steering wheel or other objects.

7. The DMS camera should be level horizontally without tilting.


Under these conditions, the deviation angle between the DMS camera and the driver's face should be as small as possible, ideally facing the driver directly.

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