Taxi Dispatch Solutions

Taxi Dispatch Solution

Date Time: June 29, 2024
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Taxi Dispatch Solutions

With the development of the Internet, smart terminals, and IoT technology, more and more taxis are equipped with smart terminals, enabling intelligent information management. This facilitates dispatching, optimizes operational management, improves communication between passengers and drivers, and reduces waiting times.

Taxi Dispatch Solutions

F4 Smart In-Vehicle Terminal

The F4 smart in-vehicle terminal integrates GPS/BDS positioning, driver identification, one-touch alarm, camera monitoring, and other functions to enhance operational safety and efficiency. It accurately identifies driver identities, records trips and mileage in real-time, monitors the interior of the vehicle via video, and transmits data to the management system for easier vehicle dispatching and enhanced security. It also offers value-added services such as WiFi hotspots and advertising displays to improve the passenger experience.


Identity Recognition

Supports IC card, fingerprint, and facial recognition to manage driver and passenger identities, ensuring safety and convenience.

 Taxi Dispatch Solutions

OBD Data Collection

Real-time collection of vehicle speed, fuel consumption, and other driving information with alerts for abnormalities. Data is uploaded to the management system to monitor driving conditions, thereby enhancing management efficiency and safety.


Accurate GPS Positioning


Real-time acquisition of vehicle location and driving information for navigation and management purposes.


Multi-Camera System

Supports multiple cameras for real-time monitoring of the vehicle's interior and exterior, providing video evidence in case of incidents.


Wireless Transmission

Supports 4G LTE, dual-band WiFi, and other wireless transmission methods for real-time transmission of vehicle information. Provides WiFi hotspots and advertising services.


Emergency Assistance Button

One-touch alarm function to enhance safety measures.


Benefit Analysis

Improves operational efficiency and safety, reduces costs, and increases revenue.

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