Taxi Monitoring System

Taxi Tracking Management Monitoring System

Date Time: June 04, 2024
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Taxi Monitoring System

Through our big data analysis, we manage and control taxi safety risks to ensure driver safety. With real-time tracking and monitoring, we provide passengers with safe journeys. GPS tracking management allows for efficient vehicle dispatching, making passenger transport more reasonable. Big data management also enhances management efficiency, and good driving data can reduce vehicle insurance premiums.

Taxi Monitoring System

YUWEI is China's largest supplier of vehicle monitoring equipment and software operator, providing professional big data tools for the taxi industry. These tools effectively simplify business management processes and vehicle risk assessments, helping to control taxi accidents and reduce claims.

YUWEI has been dedicated to providing high-tech remote information management tools and services for traditional fleets, logistics, rental cars, and other industries. We support professional OBD R&D and production, application development, cloud server storage, offline services, and system solutions. We also offer customized IT service solutions based on customer needs. We welcome inquiries from all sectors.

Taxi Tracking System

Taxi Tracking Management System Features

Taxi Companies/Owners

- Installing intelligent onboard safety cameras in taxis automatically records driver data, providing real-time video records for taxi companies/owners.


Vehicle Monitoring Function

- Onboard cameras allow remote real-time monitoring of taxi status, including GPS real-time location, fuel consumption, mileage, driving hours, and accident alerts.

   taxi security camera system

Accident Video Download Function

- Helps insurance companies and management companies/owners to promptly clarify responsibility, reducing accident disputes and protecting driver rights.


Cloud Storage Function

- Assists taxi companies/owners in better retaining accident evidence, safeguarding relevant rights.


Anti-Theft Function

- Immediately sends theft alert messages to the owner/management company and uploads the latest location and driving trajectory, helping the police quickly apprehend suspects and minimize losses.


Trajectory Playback Function

- Allows free review of past driving schedules, accurately restoring driving conditions, effectively managing taxi assets, and reducing accident disputes.


Remote Taxi Unlocking

- Drivers can unlock car doors remotely through the management platform after verification, reducing management costs and manual processing time.


Driving Habit Analysis Report

- Equipped with DSM driver cameras, it can remind drivers to drive compliantly, evaluate driver behavior, and help owners/management companies monitor driver quality. Identifying high-risk drivers early can prevent potential accidents.

  Taxi Management System

Active Safety Driving Assistance System

ADAS Camera

- The front of the vehicle is equipped with an ADAS active warning system that automatically issues a warning when it detects the vehicle is too close to the front car, alerting the driver to pay attention to safety.

  - Alarm Types: Close distance to front car, lane departure, risk of front car collision


DSM Camera

- The driver camera features DSM intelligent recognition technology that automatically issues a warning when it detects abnormal driver conditions, alerting the driver to pay attention to safety.

  - Alarm Types: Fatigue driving, phone use, smoking, camera obstruction


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