Taxion-line Car Fleet Management Solution

Taxion-line Car Fleet Management Solution

Date Time: November 18, 2022
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Taxion-line Car Fleet Management Solution

In recent years, with the rapid development of online car-hailing, travel has become more convenient. However, it has also brought some hidden dangers. For example, previous cases of rape and murder of women in China's Didi car-hailing network have proven this point.

Taxion-line Car Fleet Management Solution

In response to these safety concerns, relevant enterprises and government departments have implemented various measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.

To address the safety supervision of online car-hailing, Yuwei has developed a 4G video and positioning vehicle-mounted terminal. This terminal functions as a driving recorder and provides real-time video monitoring both inside and outside the vehicle cabin. The regulatory department can monitor the real-time dynamics of online car-hailing and trigger an alarm if any problems are detected.

Additionally, the terminal supports the ADAS driving assistance system, which includes features such as vehicle distance monitoring, front vehicle anti-collision warning, pedestrian anti-collision warning, and vehicle departure warning. These features provide active safety warnings and prevention for online car-hailing drivers, reducing the likelihood of detours or accidents through timely voice reminders or manual intervention.

Taxion-line Car Fleet Management Solution

The online car-hailing solution offers the following functions:

1. Front and rear 1080P HD cameras

2. SOS alarm function

3. ADAS driving safety warnings

4. Remote listening function

5. Picture/video capture

6. Call intercom function

7. Real-time query of driving track

8. Emergency shadow lock

9. 24-hour parking monitoring

Moreover, it supports real-time online video viewing, remote video playback, video file download, and synchronized audio-video playback. The driver's seat video monitoring and picture capture effectively regulate the driver's behavior. The management platform provides real-time geographic location of online car-hailing vehicles for supervision. The ADAS camera ensures continuous sensing of the surrounding environment during car journeys, enabling warnings for dangerous driving, frontal collision, and lane departure to reduce the risk of accidents.

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