The 10 Best Bus DVR Manufacturers of 2024

The 10 Best Bus DVR Manufacturers of 2024

Date Time: May 24, 2024
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The 10 Best Bus DVR Manufacturers of 2024

Public buses face issues related to passenger safety, driver safe driving, and efficient vehicle scheduling, which require a remote information processing system to resolve. The monitoring and tracking management of bus fleets largely depend on the assistance of Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVR), which offer diverse functionalities for real-time monitoring and management of fleet vehicles. Finding suitable MDVR manufacturers is the best choice for fleets, as it provides better cost control and after-sales service.



Here are our recommendations for the 10 best bus DVR manufacturers:

1. China YUWEI

   - Country: China

   - Production Advantages: Established in 1995, specializing in the production of dash cams, MDVRs, vehicle cameras, and vehicle monitors, offering a comprehensive range of products.

   - Product Advantages: Serves over 1200 bus fleets globally with DVR products. (They offer the lowest prices for DVRs with similar performance), strong R&D capabilities, and customization support, ensuring high-quality and personalized installation services.

   - Disadvantages: Currently, their products are only certified by the FCC (USA), CE (EU), UKCA (UK), and NBTC (Thailand).

 china yuwei

2. BlackVue

   - Country: South Korea

   - Production Advantages: A well-known brand with diverse functionalities in vehicle cameras and DVRs.

   - Product Advantages: High-resolution recording, cloud storage service, and compact design.

   - Disadvantages: Products are relatively high-priced.


3. Thinkware

   - Country: South Korea

   - Production Advantages: Advanced driver assistance systems and excellent imaging technology.

   - Product Advantages: High-definition recording, parking monitoring, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

   - Disadvantages: Some users find the software operation relatively complex.


4. Garmin

   - Country: USA

   - Production Advantages: Diverse range of in-car products, including DVRs.

   - Product Advantages: High-resolution cameras, voice control, and relatively high reliability.

   - Disadvantages: Some models are relatively large, making installation potentially more cumbersome.


5. Viofo

   - Country: China

   - Production Advantages: Price advantage in China.

   - Product Advantages: High-resolution recording, WDR technology, and user-friendly design.

   - Disadvantages: Lower brand recognition.


6. Nextbase

   - Country: UK

   - Production Advantages: Leading safety technology with a focus on vehicle cameras.

   - Product Advantages: High resolution, protective features, and user-friendly interface.

   - Disadvantages: Some models are relatively large.


7. Vantrue

   - Country: USA

   - Production Advantages: Focus on R&D innovation, providing cost-effective products.

   - Product Advantages: Ultra-high-resolution recording, good night vision, and compact design.

   - Disadvantages: Lower brand recognition.


8. Rexing

   - Country: USA

   - Production Advantages: Stable performance with a wide product line.

   - Product Advantages: High-definition recording, wide-angle lenses, and high reliability.

   - Disadvantages: Some users report durability issues.


9. Blueskysea

   - Country: China

   - Production Advantages: Strong competitive pricing and a focus on product reliability.

   - Product Advantages: High-resolution recording, compact design, and easy installation.

   - Disadvantages: Lower brand recognition.


10. Transcend

   - Country: Taiwan

   - Production Advantages: Diverse product line providing high-quality storage solutions.

   - Product Advantages: High durability, high-resolution recording, and shock-resistant design.

   - Disadvantages: Some models are relatively basic in functionality.


BUS DVR Email:

Bus DVR System

Bus Mobile DVR System

BUS DVR SYSTEM integrates 4G wireless transmission, WiFi, DVR, GPS, ADAS, BSD, and DSM in one unit...

Bus DVR System


What are the main functions of a Bus DVR?

- Real-time video monitoring: Transmit real-time video through 4G network or Wi-Fi for convenient remote monitoring.

- GPS positioning: Track vehicle location, route, and speed in real-time.

- Video storage: Store video data via SD card or solid-state drive.

- Video playback: Replay historical videos at any time to view specific events.

- Alarm functions: Support overspeed alarm, drunk driving alarm, route deviation alarm, etc.

Why does fleet management need to use Bus DVRs?

- Enhance safety: Real-time monitoring and alarm functions can prevent accidents, ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers.

- Reduce costs: By monitoring driving behavior, fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear can be reduced, lowering operational costs.

- Improve management efficiency: Remote monitoring and video playback functions make fleet management more efficient, enabling quick response to emergencies.

- Enhance service quality: Real-time monitoring helps improve vehicle service quality and enhances customer satisfaction.

How to choose the right Bus DVR?

- Number of channels: Choose the appropriate number of channels based on the number of vehicle cameras, such as 4-channel, 6-channel, or 8-channel.

- Video resolution: Select a DVR that supports 1080P or higher video recording.

- Storage capacity: Choose the appropriate storage capacity as needed, such as support for high-capacity SD cards or solid-state drives.

- Network functions: Select a device that supports 4G, Wi-Fi, and other network functions to ensure real-time monitoring and data transmission.

- Protection level: Ensure the device has a high protection level such as IP67, which is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

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