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Date Time: May 23, 2024
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ADAS DVR Camera Suppliers

F4 is a 4G DVR Camera with ADAS & DMS,integrates GPS, recording, ADAS, and anti-fatigue functions. It uses H.264 video compression/decompression technology and adopts professional anti-vibration and heat dissipation solutions to protect the equipment.

ADAS DVR Camera Suppliers

Optional Accessories:

- Various vehicle cameras

- ADAS cameras

- DMS cameras

- HOD cameras

- SD cards

- Camera extension cables

- 9-inch LCD display

- SOS button

- Vehicle radar


- Different sensors


The F4 successfully integrates mobile DVR functions with active safety systems, forming a "real-time monitoring solution + remote information processing."


For a regular MDVR, it can provide video recording and real-time streaming monitoring in fleet management; but it only assists in investigating triggered events. Today, active safety systems are more popular because they can effectively prevent accidents. The integrated ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and DMS (Driver Monitoring System) analyze road conditions and driver behavior, including fatigue driving. All alerts will immediately respond to the driver and trigger events, which are fed back to the platform, allowing the fleet manager to know immediately.


In addition, the F4 can integrate different types of sensors to meet fleet management needs, such as fuel sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, weight axle sensors, and driver ID.

Item Specification

Appearance and Structure

- Size: 145×58×193mm

- Shell Material: PC+ABS

- Body Material: Aluminum alloy


Protection Grade

- IP Rating: IP54


Environmental Suitability

- Operating Temperature: -30℃~70℃

- Storage Temperature: -40℃~85℃


Working Voltage

- Range: 9 - 32V

- Protection:

  - 8.5V±0.5V/12V system

  - 17V±0.5V/24V system

  - 12V/24V adaptive (36V not supported)


Power Consumption

- Ultra-low Power Design:

  - Static current <2mA

  - Zero-power-consumption sleep mode

- Average: <30W


ADAS DVR Camera Suppliers

ADAS DVR Camera Suppliers

ADAS DVR Camera SuppliersADAS DVR Camera Suppliers

ADAS DVR Camera Suppliers

Super Capacitor

- Components: 3 super capacitors

- Function: Save video for 2~3 seconds before power failure


Indicator Lights

- Lights: 4 (positioning, communication, video recording, operation)


External Interface

- Power Supply: TE-1318384-2

- Positioning Antenna: Fakra-C blue

- Communication Antenna: Fakra-D

- Video Interface: M12-4

- IPC Interface: M12-6



- Input: 6 channels AHD/CVBS, 12V, 0.5A per channel

- IPC Input: 1 channel, 12V

- Output: 1 channel CVBS



- Recording: 2-way, supports key input detection

- MIC Input: 1 way



- Hard Disk: 2.5-inch, 7mm/9.5mm, max 2TB

- SD Cards: 2 slots, max 512GB each, not simultaneous


Data Interface

- RS232: 2-way, 5V @ 500mA

- 485: 1 way

- IPC: 1 way, 12V (1A)



- Positioning: GPS and BeiDou

- Communication: 4G


SIM Card

- Type: Drawer plug-in


IO Function

- Inputs: 8 (ACC, left/right steering, door, emergency, reverse, brake, speed pulse)

- Output: 1 (fuel break power)

 ADAS DVR Camera Suppliers

ADAS DVR Camera Features:

- Single-chip design, integrating ADAS, DSM, BSD

- Support for operation and maintenance debugging

- H.265 encoding, high compression ratio

- Supports four channels of 1080P/720P AHD

- AHD/TVI/CVI/IPC/analog video input

- Built-in G-sensor to monitor vehicle driving behavior

- Supports 360-degree reversing image distance measurement assistance

 adas dvr camera

YUWEI is a professional ADAS DVR Camera manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Our ADAS DVRs are currently used by over 120 fleets in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, France, and the UK. We are your best supplier.

DVR Camera Q&A

What is Mobile DVR?

Car digital video recorders are known as MDVRs. MDVR differs from DVR in that the letter M stands for mobile. So it is called (Mobile Digital Video Recording System), which is a digital video recorder specially designed for vehicle monitoring. It is used together with the car camera to record events inside or outside the car, and generally has extended functions such as Beidou/GPS satellite positioning and wireless remote transmission (WIFI, 3G/4G).

On which vehicles is MDVR used?

MDVR is mainly used in buses, trucks, tourist vehicles, escort vehicles, school buses, logistics vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, passenger vehicles, etc.

Does MDVR support video analytics?

Yes, our MDVR can support video analysis function. These features may include motion detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and more. We have an independently developed statistical platform for users to use;
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