The best rear dash cam for trucks

Date Time: September 22, 2023
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Author: royi

Yuweitek's "V5" is the top rear dash cam for trucks, equipped with dual high-definition wide-angle cameras. The front camera records in 1080P, while the rear camera records in 720P. It features start-up recording and has a large-capacity 128GB TF card storage, capable of storing up to 16 hours of video. Additionally, when the ACC is turned off or the power is cut off, it automatically delays recording for 5 minutes and saves the video.

The best rear dash cam for trucks

Ultra-clear Real-time Video

With its dual high-definition wide-angle cameras, the V5 records in 1080P at the front and 720P at the rear.

Seamless WiFi Connectivity

The built-in WIFI module allows for real-time preview and downloading of video files through the mobile APP without interrupting the traffic.

Automatic Parking Mode

When the ACC is turned off or the power is cut off, a 5-minute delay is triggered before the video is automatically saved.

Collision Auto Recording/Locking

In case of a collision, the V5 automatically records the video and locks it for secure storage, creating an emergency video file.

140° Super Wide Angle

Experience a true and clear 140° large wide-angle view, ensuring a wider field of vision that covers three lanes effortlessly.

Vehicle Security Features

Equipped with a high-precision GPS module, the V5 enables remote real-time positioning monitoring, driving track playback, collision notification, and overspeed alarm.

Ample Storage Capacity

Supporting up to 128GB TF card, the V5 can store real-time video for up to 16 hours (customizable).

Maintenance/Insurance Reminder

The APP platform includes a car maintenance/insurance reminder system that timely notifies you before the maintenance period or insurance expiration.

Additional Specifications:

1. Positioning Method: Beidou/GPS/LBS

2. Working Temperature Range: -25℃~ +75℃

3. Storage Temperature Range: -40℃ ~ +85℃

4. Backup Battery Working Time: 0.5 hours

5. Video Format: H.264 (video encoding)

If you are a fleet owner looking to purchase a DASH CAM, Yuweitek's V5 is the ideal product for your truck fleet. We are a dashcam manufacturer, and we welcome your inquiries. We offer the most competitive pricing for our products.

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