The 360 AVM (around view monitor) Camera System in Car

Date Time: December 05, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

Drivers often encounter the following problems: when driving on narrow roads, due to blind spots, it is difficult to accurately control the safe range of the vehicle passing through, and the vehicle is prone to scraping against obstacles on both sides of the road; when parking by the roadside, a slight oversight can result in the tires or body scraping against the shoulder or some low flower beds; when reversing, many low obstacles cannot be observed from the rearview mirror. Even if the car is equipped with a reversing radar, it is difficult to detect obstacles in the blind spot...


360 avm camera

The 360 AVM camera system can help drivers solve the above problems. With the 360 AVM camera system, drivers can observe the situation around the vehicle in 360 degrees, easily grasp the distance between surrounding obstacles and the vehicle, adjust the steering wheel in time, and avoid collisions or scrapes.


The 360 AVM camera system consists of an image processing unit controller and four cameras. The image processing unit controller can perform video image algorithms, image perspective conversion, multi-camera picture transition blur fusion processing technology, picture composition, etc. The AVM control unit module can provide 2D/3D, front, rear, left, and right camera pictures or a combination of status pictures function, and can communicate with the vehicle to obtain related information through the CAN bus.


Functions of the 360 AVM camera system:


2D panoramic surround view: Display range—front/rear ≥3m, left/right ≥2m, seamless stitching;

3D panoramic surround view: Display the situation of the vehicle in 3D form for the front, rear, left, and right;

DVR driving record function: The system can store video images from four cameras, with a fisheye picture effect;

Assistive trajectory lines: Static/dynamic trajectory lines can be displayed in 2D top view and single rear view to assist the driver in parking and reversing.


In addition to the above basic functions, the 360 panoramic monitoring system can also achieve more driving assistance functions:


Moving Object Detection MOD


In parking or starting driving scenes, use image recognition technology to monitor moving objects around the vehicle. When a moving object is detected, adjustments are made to the driving behavior in a timely manner through visual and auditory means to avoid accidents.


Lane Departure Warning System LDWS


When the driver unintentionally (without using the turn signal) deviates from the original lane, an alert is issued 0.5 seconds before the deviation to remind the driver of the current lane departure condition, providing the driver with more reaction time and greatly reducing collision accidents caused by lane departure.


After the system is activated, when the speed reaches 50 km/h (customizable), the system will recognize clear standard lane lines based on the 2D panoramic view formed by the 4 cameras. The system can identify lane line types and working road conditions as follows:


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