Truck 8 Channel DVR Camera System

Truck 8 Channel DVR Security Camera System

Date Time: March 13, 2024
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Truck 8 Channel DVR Camera System

If you're a truck fleet operations manager, we recommend installing a DVR Camera System on your trucks. Installing an 8-channel DVR truck security camera system may seem like a complex DIY task. However, by following our installation tutorial, you can quickly get it set up and tested.

It will provide you with a 360-degree reverse view and features such as front and rear recording during truck operation. With the system, you can keep track of truck positioning and real-time video monitoring at any time.

truck dvr camera system

Truck DVR Camera System Installation

  • Camera Installation - You should place the cameras strategically around the truck to provide maximum coverage. Ensure the cameras are securely installed and cables are connected correctly.

  • Lay Cables - You'll need to lay the cables for the DVR.

  • Connect Cables to DVR - Make sure to connect each camera to the correct input on the DVR.

  • After connecting the cables to the DVR, you'll need to power up the system. Connect the power cable to the DVR and plug it into a power source.

  • Configure the System - This includes setting recording settings, motion detection settings, and other system parameters.

  • Test the System - Check each camera to ensure they're recording and the images are clear.

Once installed, you can achieve 360-degree surround view and monitoring around the vehicle, and managers can track fleets through remote information systems.

360-Degree Surround Monitoring

The 8-channel mobile DVR with 4G communication is compatible with wide-angle cameras, enabling true 360-degree bird's-eye monitoring without blind spots. Moreover, the system supports automatic calibration, saving installation time and cost. Through BSD algorithms, the intelligent MDVR can detect pedestrians in real-time in front, side, and rear of the vehicle, avoiding accidents caused by blind spots. Therefore, this driving assistance device is indispensable for trucks, buses, construction machinery, and other large vehicles. Through the PC CMS client, you can clearly query the current location of vehicles and historical driving trajectory maps on IOS/Google Maps.

front and rear facing camera dvr system for truck

Truck Camera System Features

  • Equipped with a 9-inch TFT LCD display

  • AHD 720P/1080PP wide-angle cameras

  • IP67/IP68/IP69K waterproof rating

  • 8-channel 4G/WIFI/GPS loop recording

  • Supports Windows, IOS, and Android platforms

  • Supports 2.5-inch 2TB HDD/SSD

  • Supports 256GB SD card

  • Choice of 3m/5m/10m/15m/20m extension cables available

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