Enhance fleet safety with a high-quality truck CCTV camera system from China YUWEI

The Best Truck CCTV Surveillance Camera

Date Time: February 02, 2024
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Enhance fleet safety with a high-quality truck CCTV camera system from China YUWEI

YUWEI specializes in designing professional truck CCTV cameras equipped with advanced technology to ensure road safety. Featuring high-resolution lenses, infrared sensors, and wide viewing angles, these cameras capture clear images even in low-light conditions, eliminating blind spots and ensuring the safe operation of vehicles. Constructed from durable materials, they withstand harsh weather and rough terrains, making them an ideal choice for the most challenging work environments. YUWEI's truck CCTV cameras are easy to install and operate, providing reliable and efficient 24/7 monitoring for your peace of mind.

Truck CCTV Surveillance Camera

Benefits of the vehicle CCTV system

- Safeguard your business and reduce road risks

- Reduce false claims with clear video evidence

- YUWEI Fleet Monitoring System: Protect yourself, understand incident details, learn from events, determine involved parties, avoid false accusations, and easily share experiences and videos.

Multi-camera solution

- High-definition DVR solution for comprehensive protection of commercial vehicles

- Up to 8 camera systems, including front, side, driver, cargo, and rear cameras

- All cameras record in full HD, integrated with vehicle tracking functionality

- Dashboard monitor displays blind spots or serves as a reverse assistance device

- Remote connectivity via 4G, secure and tamper-resistant

- Powerful and user-friendly playback software

Key advantages of the integrated solution

- Single platform for viewing tracking and camera information

- Real-time and historical vehicle tracking data, driver behavior analysis

- Improved MPG and reduced fuel consumption

Considerations when purchasing a trailer camera system

1. GPS fleet tracking dashcam

2. Dual-channel recording system

3. 360-degree camera

4. On-site recording

5. Fuel costs


Whether you manage a light commercial vehicle fleet or heavy-duty trucks, our solutions meet your needs. With global installation services and leading support, choosing YUWEI makes it an ideal technology partner.Email:hello@yuweitek.com

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