Tanker Truck Camera Monitoring system

Tanker Truck Camera Monitoring Solution

Date Time: February 09, 2024
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Tanker Truck Camera Monitoring system

Tanker trucks are special vehicles dedicated to transporting gasoline, diesel and other automotive fuels. They are responsible for the transportation of oil products from oil depots to gas stations, etc. Due to their mobile and dangerous characteristics, it is difficult to grasp the transportation status in real time, and there are high risks of oil theft and driving safety management. Currently, most oilfield enterprises cannot achieve real-time data calling and sharing in the process of crude oil transportation. This results in the loss of crude oil during transportation and driving safety hazards that cannot be detected and corrected in a timely manner, which to some extent restricts the improvement of the enterprise's operating efficiency. It mainly manifests in the following points;


Tanker Truck Camera Monitoring Solution

Although GPS positioning systems have been installed on freight vehicles to achieve vehicle positioning, the safety of crude oil cannot be guaranteed, resulting in economic losses, but there is not enough solid evidence to identify the culprits after the fact;

The operation norms of drivers and the driving routes of vehicles cannot be supervised. Undesirable behaviors such as speeding, fatigue driving, traffic violations, and talking on the phone while driving increase hidden safety hazards during transportation;

YUWEI's Tanker Truck 4G Video Surveillance + ADAS + DSM + Voice Intercom + GPS system has solved this problem very well.

The prevention-oriented safety reminder function includes: speeding reminder, dangerous road section reminder, fatigue driving reminder, fence reminder, smoking reminder, collision reminder, phone call reminder, shouting reminder, etc. to eliminate potential safety hazards.

Real-time inquiry: query the real-time status, location, speed, driving direction, driving trajectory during a certain period of time, parking location, parking duration, etc., for convenient dispatching and management.

Statistical reports: Automatically generate statistical reports for all vehicles or certain vehicles' driving data during a specific time period. The report output function conducts centralized information management for vehicles, including mileage statistics, temperature statistics, alarm statistics, parking statistics, fuel consumption statistics, etc.

Vehicle terminal self-check alarm: GPS failure, video loss, storage medium failure alarm, video occlusion alarm, etc., facilitate monitoring personnel to handle in a timely manner.

Real-time intercom: You can voice dispatch your vehicles anytime. You can conduct one-on-one, one-to-many and many-to-many calls with clear sound quality and fast voice transmission.

Fuel consumption management (with fuel consumption sensor): The CPS background software can track any time period's fuel consumption and mileage driven, as well as calculate the average fuel consumption per hundred kilometers. It can also plot fuel consumption charts to understand whether the vehicle's fuel consumption is normal during any time period. This facilitates enterprise managers to conduct fuel consumption statistics and cost accounting for all vehicles and make accurate judgments on abnormal situations.

Vehicle cameras and internal screens allow managers to watch live video in real time and drivers can eliminate potential safety hazards caused by blind spots in the vehicle through the internal screen.

YUWEI provides a functionally diverse tanker truck monitoring system to assist fleet managers in better managing their tanker truck fleets. For consultation (hello@yuweitek.com).

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