IOT Vehicle Monitoring System

Vehicle Monitoring System Using IoT

Date Time: July 02, 2024
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IOT Vehicle Monitoring System

With the development of the internet and the progress of the times, the logistics industry triggered by online shopping is increasingly flourishing. However, problems such as cargo theft, speeding, overloading, and loss of goods still occur frequently. To address these issues, YUWEI has introduced an IoT vehicle monitoring solution to assist in the operational management of logistics vehicles, track their locations and information, and ensure the safe arrival of goods.

 IOT Vehicle Monitoring System

Features of the IoT Vehicle Monitoring System:

GPS/BDS Positioning

Supports dual-mode real-time positioning with GPS and BDS.


Multiple Cameras for Comprehensive Monitoring

Supports up to 8 cameras with resolutions up to 1080P for comprehensive monitoring of logistics vehicles.


High-Definition Video Mode

1. Uses 2 million pixel, 1080P HD video mode.

2. Supports 4 digital HD cameras, and 4 analog HD or standard analog cameras.

3. 1080P digital HD cameras can be used in areas requiring higher image quality.

4. Compatible with existing analog cameras and wiring on the vehicle, significantly reducing retrofitting costs.


Remote Network Real-Time Video Monitoring

Enables 4G remote image viewing and real-time listening through computer client/mobile APP to monitor logistics vehicles.


Real-Time Positioning and Historical Track Recording

Real-time positioning and tracking of logistics vehicle movement via computer client/mobile APP.


HD Display Support for Rear and Side Views

Provides in-vehicle image-assisted driving functions, increasing driving visibility and eliminating blind spots.


One-Click Real-Time Alarm for Quick Response to Emergencies

In emergencies, pressing the alarm button triggers an alarm window with image and sound alerts at the monitoring center.


Long Parking Time Alarm

Generates an alarm if the logistics vehicle is parked in one place for too long, effectively monitoring for unauthorized unloading.


Speed Monitoring

Records vehicle speed and issues overspeed alarms.


Route Deviation Alarm


Accelerometer (G-Sensor)

Records accelerometer data, with threshold alarms for abnormal vehicle operation.


Delayed Shutdown Recording

Continues recording for a period after the ignition is turned off, ensuring cargo security at rest stops.


Remote Download

Allows remote downloading of video clips for quick retrieval and analysis in case of accidents.


Support for Remote Upgrades and Settings, and SMS Settings

Eliminates the need for onsite personnel, greatly reducing maintenance and personnel costs.


Lighter, More Compact, Easier to Install

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