AHD camera introduction

What is an AHD camera?

Date Time: May 07, 2024
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AHD camera introduction

AHD stands for Analog High Definition, so an AHD camera is an analog high-definition camera that transmits high-definition analog signals. Speaking of high-definition, simply put, we usually refer to videos with a physical resolution exceeding 720p as high-definition, abbreviated as HD.

What is an AHD camera

AHD technology can achieve reliable transmission of high-definition video signals over existing analog transmission lines for ultra-long distances (up to 500 meters). By employing advanced Y/C signal separation and analog filtering technology, it effectively reduces high-frequency color noise and improves image restoration. Compared to traditional high-definition products, AHD camera image quality has made a qualitative leap and improvement, with the highest clarity comparable to full network HD 1080 level.


Features and advantages of AHD cameras:

- Clearer: Advanced brightness separation, signal filtering, and 3D noise reduction technology result in higher image clarity and better image restoration.

- Transmission distance: Using coaxial transmission, ordinary 75-5 cables can transmit up to 500 meters.

- Zero delay: Data collection does not require encoding for transmission to the monitor, ensuring real-time high fidelity.

- Compatibility: Compatible with standard D1/960H, compatible with analog peripherals (including distributors, matrices, etc.).

- Convenient operation: Supports OSD menu design for easy customization.

- Cost-effective: High-definition quality products at the price of ordinary analog ones.

- High integration: AHD front-end chip prices for high-quality products.

- Standard openness: Open standards to third parties, compatible with AHD products from other manufacturers, accelerating market development.


AHD cameras follow the method of transmitting analog standard-definition signals, which can reduce the complexity of construction and deployment, lower the cost of auxiliary materials, and maintain the complexity and technical requirements of construction personnel. It is very suitable for upgrading old systems, allowing for easy transition from standard definition to high definition without changing the existing system. Additionally, the combination of high-definition picture quality and standard-definition prices allows AHD cameras to have significant development potential in both civilian and industrial markets (such as AHD vehicle-mounted cameras).

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