What is Car DVR

What is Car DVR?

Date Time: April 17, 2024
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What is Car DVR

The Car DVR , commonly known as the vehicle black box, is a device installed in vehicles to capture footage from various angles. It records and stores information such as vehicle speed, time, mileage, and other related vehicle status data. This digital electronic recording device can output data through interfaces.

What is Car DVR

Equipped with multi-angle recording capabilities and built-in 3G/4G and GPS, the Car DVR System is designed to be used with external devices such as monitoring cameras, alarm buttons, LCD screens, microphones for intercom, and speakers. It fulfills the need for constructing a comprehensive monitoring platform for vehicle management teams, allowing real-time monitoring of vehicle activities.

Used in various types of vehicles such as passenger buses, school buses, construction trucks, police cars, sanitation vehicles, tourist coaches, and heavy-duty trucks, the Mobile DVR System is typically applied in fleet management.

The Car DVR itself does not have recording functionality; however, it supports multi-channel recording through external cameras and storage on HDD and SD cards. It also interfaces with external devices to enable cluster intercom, emergency alarms, platform monitoring, and other functions.

For example, YUWEI's F4 car DVR, with its embedded Linux system, advanced 3G/4G network, GPS/BD, and WIFI, supports 1080p, 720p, and D1 video recording, as well as remote uploading of vehicle driving records and videos. Leveraging central software, it enables central remote monitoring based on alarm linkage, intelligent vehicle scheduling management, and playback analysis based on central database. The device is characterized by its strong shock resistance, rich functionality, high reliability, sleek appearance, and easy deployment.

Appearance Structure:

The compact body allows for easy installation at any position, with professional aviation plug connectors ensuring reliable connections. The sleek and user-friendly design makes operation simple and efficient.

How much does a Car DVR cost?

The standard version of YUWEI's Car DVR is priced at $180, supporting multiple cameras and GPS positioning functions. For details, please refer to: 4G mobile DVR

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The difference between DVR and MDVR:

1. DVR is generally used for video surveillance in fixed places, such as bedrooms at home, supermarkets, office areas of companies, etc. Generally, it is directly connected to the camera and stores the recorded video data through the hard disk. MDVR is basically used in mobile scenes, such as trucks, ships, etc. It can record the video of the vehicle surveillance camera, and supports vehicle monitoring and driving recording functions.


2. DVR is generally installed on the wall and directly connected by cable. MDVR needs to be installed on the car. Shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and other measures are required to reduce vibration and interference during video recording while the car is driving.


3. Hard disk video recorders generally have relatively large storage capacity, and can store video data for several days or even months on the hard disk. MDVR generally uses a pluggable mobile hard disk or solid-state hard disk as a storage medium, and its storage capacity is relatively small, usually dozens to hundreds of GB, and the video data needs to be replaced or backed up regularly.


4. The DVR is usually directly connected to the power socket and powered directly through the power grid. The mobile hard disk video recorder is generally used in the car, so the car power adapter, battery or other mobile power supply methods are used.

On which vehicles is MDVR used?

MDVR is mainly used in buses, trucks, tourist vehicles, escort vehicles, school buses, logistics vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, passenger vehicles, etc.

Can MDVR's video be accessed remotely?

Yes, yuweitek's MDVR supports remote access. You can connect to the MDVR through the background, and remotely view real-time video, playback video, and adjust settings.

Does MDVR support video analytics?

Yes, our MDVR can support video analysis function. These features may include motion detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and more. We have an independently developed statistical platform for users to use;

What types of vehicle fleets can MDVR be applied to?

Car DVR can be applied to various vehicle fleets, including trucks, buses, school buses, taxis, ride-hailing cars, fire trucks, ambulances, sanitation vehicles, cold chain trucks, forklifts, garbage trucks, and more.
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