AVM 360° System

AVM 360° Around view system

Date Time: April 16, 2024
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AVM 360° System

360 AVM system is a special 360° panorama designed for large commercial vehicles such as passenger cars, school buses, trucks, and three-hazard transport vehicles.

AVM 360° System


  • Parking Assist: Perfect parking as viewed from the top of the vehicle.

  • Easy Driving: Easy lane change that enhances driving comfort and efficiency.

  • Record Function: Record 360° images of vehicles for accident evidence.

  • Accident Prevention: Avoid the dangers of narrow roads and rural roads.

Key Advantages:

  • 360° Seamless Panoramic Video Monitoring System for Commercial Vehicles.

  • Fast Response: Higher recognition ability and speed, can quickly identify driving misbehavior, and can control rapid warning within milliseconds.

  • Strong Anti-Interference: The algorithm can adapt to various weather conditions and can identify stably in different light conditions.

  • Compatible with Various Vehicles: The solution can be customized directionally design according to different models and different interior positions.

  • Flexible Deployment: Wide-angle cameras are strategically placed in the front, rear, left, and right directions of the vehicle body, allowing users to monitor the surrounding conditions of the vehicle through a screen.

Easy Installation:

  • Easy operations to splice.

  • Wide range of adaptations.

  • Parameter export/import.

  • Suitable for a variety of vehicles.

Advanced Splice Technology:

  • Sony sensor, wide 180 degree.

  • Bird view + Single channel.

  • Auto-trigger of multiple views.

  • Vehicle Model optional.

Easy to Expand:

  • Rich output: AHD / CVBS / HDMI.

  • Support connect MDVR.

  • Only occupy 1 channel of MDVR.


Full Visibility around Your Vehicle:

  • All-round monitoring without dead angle.

  • By combining four or more cameras, the monitor displays a comprehensive view, enabling the driver to have real-time awareness of the complete surrounding environment, without blind spots.

  • AVM bird's-eye view for easier parking.

  • The AVM system stitches together images from multiple cameras to provide drivers with a virtual bird's-eye view of the vehicle's surroundings on the screen, aiding easier parking and improving driver awareness.

  • Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection: By analyzing the moving azimuth and distance of pedestrians, motor vehicles, and obstacles around the vehicle, the system effectively alerts drivers in a timely manner to avoid potential dangers.

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