Which is best dash cam front and back?

Date Time: July 27, 2023
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Author: yuwei

Choosing an excellent front and rear dash cam is very important to our driving safety. Among the many choices in the market, Yuweitek's V5 dash cam has become the best-selling vehicle-mounted product in mainland China in 2022 due to its outstanding performance. This article will introduce the V5 dash cam in detail and analyze its main features.

 Which is best dash cam front and back

1. Linux system and 4-channel HD camera: V5 dash cam adopts Linux operating system, which has stable performance and excellent reliability. At the same time, it supports four-way high-definition cameras with panoramic viewing angles to record the front, rear, left, and right images of the vehicle in real time, providing more comprehensive monitoring and evidence protection.


2. Powerful storage and transmission capabilities: V5 dash cam supports dual TF cards for audio and video storage, allowing you to have a larger storage space without frequently clearing files. In addition, the recorder also supports 4G network real-time video transmission, allowing you to view the real-time images of the vehicle at any time through your mobile phone or computer, and keep abreast of the vehicle status.


3. BDS/GPS real-time positioning: Integrating BDS/GPS real-time positioning technology, the V5 dash cam can accurately track and locate your vehicle, which can help you better understand the vehicle's driving trajectory.


4. Active safety algorithm and ADAS technology: The V5 dash cam has a built-in active safety algorithm, which has advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) functions, including lane departure warning and front collision warning. These intelligent functions provide real-time prompts and warnings, greatly improving driving safety.


5. 360 assisted parking function: V5 dash cam supports 360-degree surround view image, providing you with a full range of assisted parking functions. Whether it is vertical parking or parallel parking, it can provide you with clear and accurate visual guidance to help you easily complete the puzzle.

 Which is best dash cam front and back

V5 is widely used in trucks, taxis, logistics fleets, etc.

Summary: Yuweitek V5 dash cam is an excellent front and rear dash cam with its reliable Linux system, multiple HD cameras, efficient storage and transmission capabilities, real-time positioning technology, and active safety algorithms. It has an excellent combination of functions and performance, providing drivers with all-round protection and safety. Whether it is escorting daily driving or providing evidence support, V5 dash cam can be your right-hand man in terms of driving safety.

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