Why Your Fleet Need Dash Cams?

Date Time: September 12, 2023
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Author: yuwei

Why Your Fleet Need Dash Cams?Fleet management is inseparable from dash cam, and dash cam is generally equivalent to the black box installed on the plane, that is to say, it is the black box used by the car. To put it simply, it is actually a car camera, that is, an instrument that can take pictures through a high-definition lens and record images, sounds, and vehicle condition data while the vehicle is driving.

 Why Your Fleet Need Dash Cams

When a sudden traffic accident occurs, the driver can immediately produce evidence according to the recorded data of the dash cam to ensure that the driver's rights are not violated. From time to time, you will encounter unreasonable drivers and cause accidents. No matter what you say, he will insist that it was your fault that caused the accident. At this time, what you want most is probably evidence. Hey, owning it can make you worry-free all the way! It can quickly, truly and accurately use image data to assist traffic police in dealing with traffic accidents fairly, justly and reasonably. Protect yourself from being treated unfairly.


Prevent extortion by "car crash party" and "touch porcelain party". As the saying goes, "If you don't beat others, you can't guarantee that others will not beat you". In particular, various traffic accidents caused by "car crash party" and "touch porcelain party" cannot be distinguished without a driving recorder.


Smart "cars" are already a must-have product for every fleet management. Yuwei launched a new intelligent car robot V6, which integrates video surveillance, GPS/BD navigation, driver status inspection, and traffic management, making the team more efficient on the road. Safety.

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