Wireless Dash Camera front and rear Supplier

Date Time: May 16, 2023
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The dash cam can record the entire driving process of the car, prevent blackmail by unscrupulous parties, and help determine responsibility in the event of a safety accident. It is an essential accessory for car owners. There are many types of dash cams available, including hidden, wired, and wireless ones. Today, let's talk about wireless dash cams.

Wireless Dash Camera front and rear Supplier

Wireless dash cameras can send data signals through WiFi and can be used as a surveillance system or surveillance camera.

Advantages of Wireless Dash Cameras:

1. Easy to view. By connecting the dash cam's Bluetooth or WiFi signal to your mobile phone, you can easily view the data and video recorded by the camera.

2. Sleek and stylish. Regular wireless video recorders have an elegant design and small size, which do not take up much space in the car and can be effectively matched with the car's interior. They can also be hidden more quickly when installed in the car.

3. Cloud storage. Some wireless dash cams can store video content in the cloud, allowing you to remotely access the video content from anywhere.

Disadvantages of Wireless Dash Cameras:

1. Limited transmission range. The wireless dash cam uses Bluetooth technology to transmit data, which can be limited in its range.

2. Signal interference. The wireless dash cam may experience signal interference due to the vehicle's metal structure, which can affect the reliability of the video recording.

3. Battery life. Some wireless dash cams are powered by batteries, which can pose safety risks if they are of poor quality or have a short lifespan.

Which wireless dash cam is the best?

There are many brands of wireless dash cams available, but their quality can vary widely. It is recommended to choose a reputable brand.

Wireless Dash Camera front and rear Supplier

Yuweitek is a supplier of wireless dash cameras for both front and rear. Our V5 Wireless Dash Cam (4CH Android Version) is a 4G camera with integrated HD video recording. The V5-P model runs on the Android 10.1 system and supports four internal and external cameras, allowing real-time local video recording of: (1) 1080P front camera; (2) 720P internal camera; (3) 720P DSM camera; (4) 720P rear passenger or trunk camera. It also supports voice intercom, face recognition, TF card video storage, 4G network real-time video transmission, and Beidou/GPS positioning.

It can be widely used in online ride-hailing, taxis, logistics vehicles, official vehicles, and other industries.

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