Fleet Dash cam webfleet solutions

Fleet Dash Cam Solutions Dump truck/Concrete mixer truck

Date Time: May 11, 2023
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Fleet Dash cam webfleet solutions

With the rapid development of the economy, urban construction is in full swing, and mixer trucks are often seen on the road. Overloading and speeding of concrete mixer trucks, illegal driving, and too large blind spots often cause accidents and pose a threat to people's lives and property.


Fleet dash cam webfleet solutions(Dump truck/Concrete mixer truck)

The yuwei solution has the following features:

1. Intelligent video real-time monitoring

2. BSD detection of intelligent right blind spot

3. Load detection

4. Face DSM fatigue detection

5. LED display alarm function

6. Voice reminder for speeding and overloading

7. Sound and light alarm warning reminder

8. Monitoring center data report function


Dump truck function introduction:

1. All-round high-definition real-time video monitoring and blind spot monitoring without dead angle

2. Wireless real-time intercom

3. Super Speed Video Forensics

4. Remote scheduling

5. The load cell automatically weighs and uploads to the platform

6. Real-time fuel consumption monitoring

7. Distracted driving, smoking, looking left and right, yawning, talking on the phone, hands off the steering wheel, close distance from the car in front, deviation from the road, etc.



Advantages of dump truck solution

1. The needs of "government and enterprise" are fully met

Active safety warning system, DVR high-definition video recording system, driving recorder system "three-in-one"


2. Full operation control

It supports a maximum of 8-channel high-definition cameras, real-time viewing of all-round video on the job site, and real-time detection of job status, such as forward rotation, reverse rotation, and air conditioning.


3. Intelligent monitoring

Comprehensive intelligent monitoring of the driving process, ADAS abnormal driving warning (lane departure warning, forward collision warning, front vehicle proximity warning, etc.), DSM fatigue warning (fatigue driving detection, attention detection, bad behavior detection, etc.), abnormal driving behavior Intelligent video evidence collection and storage.


4. Operating cost control

Automatic alarm for abnormal oil volume and unloading, automatic generation of oil volume report and unloading report


5.4G real-time intercom

The center and the vehicle realize real-time intercom through 4G network, with low delay rate and more convenient communication.

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