Wireless Forklift Camera Kit

Wireless Forklift Camera System Kit

Date Time: June 14, 2024
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Wireless Forklift Camera Kit

According to surveys, there have been at least 8,500 fatalities worldwide due to forklift accidents annually, with 349,000 serious injuries and 618,000 minor injuries. The manufacturing industry accounts for 42% of these fatalities, highlighting the importance of forklift safety operations.

Wireless Forklift Camera Kit

A forklift is a mobile material handling device whose operating environment and conditions are constantly changing. Safety during operation depends on the driver's immediate actions. The complex working environment of forklifts, sometimes in spaces shared with pedestrians and other vehicles, increases safety risks, necessitating the installation of a wireless backup camera system.

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Forward Collision Warning System (FCW)

FCW is an advanced safety technology that tracks vehicle speeds and distances between vehicles ahead. It notifies the driver of an impending collision if the vehicle gets too close due to the speed of the vehicle behind.


Rear Collision Prevention System

This high-tech safety system detects oncoming vehicles when reversing using sensors installed at the rear of the vehicle. It helps prevent rear-end collisions even in low visibility conditions.


Lane Departure Warning System

This type of collision avoidance system alerts the driver when the vehicle begins to deviate from its lane, particularly useful for real-time blind spot detection.

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Pedestrian Detection System

Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to forklifts in internal logistics operations, accounting for at least a quarter of all traffic accident fatalities. This system uses sensors to detect human movement on the road, assisting drivers in spotting moving objects before it's too late.


Automatic Braking System (ABS)

ABS is a vehicle braking system that activates upon detecting obstacles ahead. Most automatic emergency braking systems apply partial braking force, giving the driver more time to intervene, while some apply braking until the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

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