Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

Car Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

Date Time: February 21, 2024
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Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

Never Pay for Another Accident That's Not Your Fault

Use the most cost-effective fleet dashcam system to support your drivers, hold them accountable, and mitigate liability.


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Are you struggling with fleet tracking management?

- We have to compensate for losses not caused by us.

- I've spent a fortune on insurance due to traffic accidents.

- Drivers wrongly accused of insurance fraud.

- Reckless driving leading to numerous complaints.

- My drivers receiving traffic fines.

- I can't assess which drivers need training.

- Monitoring and guiding driver behavior is challenging.

- We can't prove our drivers are not at fault.

- We can't determine if complaints against drivers are legitimate.

- We can't verify if drivers are punctual.


Networked 4G Dashcams provide GPS tracking functionality along with front and driver-facing cameras, all integrated into one device. Recorded video clips are integrated with location tracking data, meaning you can view everything in one place, on-demand, anytime.


Our GPS tracking integrates with your camera system. It's an all-in-one solution that links your GPS location tracking with cameras on the same dashboard.


Support your drivers with front-facing cameras, dual-lens mirrors, and driver-facing cameras. You can monitor road conditions to alert drivers and back up all content to a storage card or the cloud.


You can actually see your drivers in real-time and check to ensure they are in the right place and wearing seat belts. All the basic concerns you need to worry about.


Monitor your team to reduce unsafe driving habits like tailgating, lane departure, running stop signs, texting while driving, or driving while fatigued.


If drivers are accused of dangerous driving behavior, you can promptly review specific moments or set notifications regarding high-risk activities.


V5 is a high-quality dashcam with night vision capabilities, recording with 1080p HD format from dual-lens dashcam, supporting night recording so you won't miss a thing.


Car Dash Cam GPS Tracking

Advantages of YUWEI Dashcams and Trackers

Investing in our YUWEI dashcams is an investment in the future. Our cameras have a proven track record, with many users seeing a return on investment within just one year. After installation, you can enjoy insurance discounts, safer vehicle operations, lower costs, and peace of mind with 24/7 real-time monitoring. When used with our NetTrack GPS tracking, you can also utilize easy-to-use fleet remote information processing software to comprehensively monitor each vehicle's location, status, and maintenance needs.


YUWEI Dash Cam Features

- 720p HD Video: 4G dashcams record both interior and exterior cameras in crystal-clear 720p quality for precise detail viewing later.

- Dual Cameras: 4G dashcams feature two cameras, one facing the driver and one facing the road, both recording in high quality.

- Location Tracking: 4G dashcams come equipped with integrated GPS chips for real-time vehicle tracking.

- Wide Coverage: We offer nationwide tracking and coverage in Brazil, Mexico, UK and EU, Middle East, and Southeast Asian countries.

- Alerts and Notifications: Set alerts to receive immediate notifications of important events, so you don't have to constantly monitor vehicles.

- Cloud Storage Space: We provide cloud storage space to store 720p videos, eliminating the need to track SD cards or disks.


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