Hard wire Dash Cam Kit

4 Channel Camera Hard wire Dash Cam Kit

Date Time: March 06, 2024
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Hard wire Dash Cam Kit

The V5 Intelligent Vehicle Terminal integrates GPS positioning, 4G communication, 1080p video monitoring, driving recording, and navigation functions into one device, while also featuring high-precision GPS positioning. It supports intelligent AI algorithm analysis, enabling features such as facial recognition, driving behavior analysis, and assisted driving analysis in the Hardwire Dash Cam Kit. It operates on the Linux operating system, ensuring system security and stability, and supports H.264/H.265 video encoding, 4G/3G wireless network transmission, GPS/BDS satellite positioning, IP voice intercom, etc. It can record videos, record driving information, and upload wireless data, and when used with monitoring software, it can achieve professional functions such as remote monitoring, remote management, trajectory analysis, and driving status data analysis.

Hard wire Dash Cam Kit

Hardwire Dash Cam Function

Advanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DSM (Driver Status Monitoring) active safety algorithms achieve precise alarm accuracy of over 99% for ADAS and over 98% for DSM. It supports two cameras including ADAS and DSM.

hard wire dash cam kit

hardwire kit for dash cam

4 camera dash cam

3 camera dash cam for trucks

The front camera integrates external driving recording and assisted driving systems, providing higher cost-effectiveness. The internal camera is a separate unit, allowing for flexible and convenient installation to adapt to more vehicle models. The product is compact and aesthetically pleasing, with convenient installation that does not occupy the original windshield space or obstruct the driver's line of sight.

The product supports facial recognition for driver face login and dynamic inspections. It can expand to a high-precision driver driving behavior analysis system (supporting fatigue, smoking, phone usage, yawning, and closing eyes fatigue).

Features include high-precision GPS positioning, remote real-time device installation calibration, real-time viewing of operational status settings, and real-time viewing and modification of various device settings (Internet platform, camera settings, vehicle and driver information, alarm settings, etc.).

The device performs regular self-checks on its operational status, autonomously detects faults, and reports them to the backend, significantly reducing troubleshooting difficulties and improving operational efficiency.

An intelligent device operation backend platform system provides convenient management of operational batch devices.

Suitable for fleets such as buses, construction vehicles, public transport, ride-hailing vehicles, private cars, etc.


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