Taxi Dash Cam with GPS and 1080p Record

Taxi Dash Cam with GPS and 1080p Record

Date Time: January 22, 2024
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Taxi Dash Cam with GPS and 1080p Record

The number of urban taxis has grown rapidly in recent years, but the relatively backward management of the industry has brought various problems: high empty rates, traffic congestion, high costs, poor real-time performance, scattered dispatching, resource waste, and hindered industry development. In addition, the significant increase in taxi robbery cases in recent years poses a serious threat to the personal safety and property of drivers.

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The taxi monitoring and dispatch system is a comprehensive system that integrates GPS, GIS, and 4G wireless communication technologies. It mainly consists of three parts: on-board terminals, wireless data, and the monitoring center system. It enables centralized management and real-time monitoring and dispatching of taxis, providing services for both drivers and passengers.

Taxi Dash Cam with GPS and 1080p Record

Taxi dash camera System Functions

Monitoring and Dispatching

The system establishes a rapid, accurate, and effective information transmission channel between taxis and the monitoring center. The center can monitor the status of vehicles at any time and quickly issue dispatching commands. Remote control of vehicles is also possible as needed.


Emergency Alarms

Vehicles equipped with on-board terminals have an alarm switch. Once triggered, the switch sends continuous alarm signals and location information to the dispatch center GIS terminal. The center can track the location, activate hidden microphones for recording, and broadcast messages to all vehicles with on-board terminals, notifying them of the situation. It also alerts the emergency services for effective protection of driver safety.


Boundary Crossing Alarms

The monitoring center can set specific areas for certain taxis to operate, preventing them from picking up passengers outside the designated operational range.


Information Services

The monitoring center can provide traffic information, route inquiries, advertising information (such as hotel and mall ads), industry information, and stock market information to taxi drivers, enhancing services for both drivers and passengers.


Vehicle Management

Efficient centralized information management of numerous vehicles owned by taxi companies, covering basic vehicle information (license plate number, vehicle type, driver information), safety records, and driving records. The system allows users to modify, delete, and query this information.


Data Recording and Analysis

Information recorded during taxi journeys can be stored for later retrieval. Taxi companies can use this data for statistical analysis, providing data support for market decisions.


Taxi Advertising Screens

Advertising screens on the rear windshield or roof of taxis, featuring LED displays and scrolling text. This not only enhances safety and visibility for passengers but also generates additional advertising revenue for the taxi owner. In emergencies, the system, equipped with GPS satellite positioning, allows drivers to trigger an emergency button, displaying messages like "I am being robbed, please help me" on the LED screen for quick assistance.

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Taxi dash cam Features

Real-time Monitoring

Utilizes high compression ratio, clear H.264 encoding format, supports boot recording, scheduled recording, and alarm recording. Built-in GPS global positioning system enables remote viewing of real-time video, vehicle location, and playback of historical recordings through 3G network. Supports remote monitoring via mobile phones.


Operational Management

Includes route adjustments, operational monitoring management functions. Enables visual dispatching, voice broadcasting, two-way communication, and voice calls for timely handling of various events such as traffic jams, vehicle breakdowns, and traffic accidents.


Emergency Alarms

Allows drivers to discreetly trigger emergency alarm buttons in case of robberies or other emergencies. The management center responds immediately with alarm sounds, displays live video, and initiates recording for timely intervention based on the situation.


Historical Trajectory Inquiry

Records the historical trajectory of vehicle movements, and the monitoring center can remotely replay it on electronic maps to review the vehicle's travel history.


Advertisement Publishing

Controls and disseminates information on LED display screens, including various commercial information, public service messages, government policies, traffic information, weather forecasts, etc.


Dispatch Management

Enables real-time display of taxi occupancy status at the operational management center without activating video monitoring, facilitating unified dispatch management and efficient resource utilization.


This system is suitable for fleet managers to track and manage taxi fleets. Customization of features is supported, and the factory is located in China, providing a competitive advantage in pricing. For quotations, you can contact them at

Taxi Dash Cam Q&A

How much does a taxi dash cam cost?

The price ranges from $25 to $300. The cost of a single in-car camera from YUWEI is $25, for quotes on multifunctional in-car cameras, you can contact (

Is a 128GB dash cam enough?

A 128GB SD card can effectively handle 4K dash cam footage, but it depends on the camera's bitrate and frame rate. 4K footage requires higher bitrates and frame rates, meaning the recording time on a 128GB SD card will be shorter compared to 1080p footage. However, for fleet tracking management, 1080p recording resolution is typically sufficient.

Are there wireless dash cams available?

Wireless dash cams are those that support Wi-Fi connectivity. They can upload footage of your surroundings to cloud storage. If your camera is tampered with during an event, you can view the footage and ascertain the facts. However, this is only effective when the dash cam has an internet connection.

Can I use a regular SD card for the dash cam?

Almost all dash cams use Secure Digital (SD) cards, but most tend to use microSD cards. Even if your dash cam only supports SD cards, SD adapters allow for the use of microSD cards.

Will the dash cam record my location?

The YUWEI dash cam supports Global Positioning System (GPS) for tracking your location and speed, a gravity sensor for collision detection, and WiFi for transferring footage from the dash cam to your phone. It also has a parking mode, which automatically starts recording if your car experiences a collision while parked.
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