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Date Time: May 20, 2024
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4G Dash Cam Supplier

YUWEI is a leading 4G Dash Cam supplier in China, with a factory located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The factory spans 15,000 square meters. The YUWEI V5 is a highly cost-effective 4G LTE dash cam, utilizing 4G Cat.4 network communication and supporting dual positioning with BDS+GPS. In the event of a collision or emergency, it can quickly upload a short video of the incident to a cloud server for storage and trigger real-time alert notifications to the operators.

4G Dash Cam Supplier

4G DASH CAM Features

1080P HD Recording

Supports 1080P/720P HD loop recording. The system automatically starts recording video upon powering on.



Dual Cameras

Supports 1080P/720P HD recording, providing clear footage even in low-light conditions.


Emergency Video Lock

Automatically records and locks video during a collision, creating a fixed emergency video file.


WiFi Car Connectivity

Can serve as an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot, sharing the SIM card's data.


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Smart Voice Control

The dash cam supports voice operation, allowing quick control of the device through spoken commands while it is running.


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Speed Camera Alerts

Built-in speed camera alerts provide voice warnings of speed limits and camera locations in the vicinity.


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Built-in GPS Module

The high-precision built-in GPS module enables remote real-time location monitoring, driving route playback, collision notifications, overspeed alarms, and more.

 4G DASH CAM supplier

Parking Monitoring

When the car experiences an external force impact, the device will wake up and send alarm data to the server.


4G Communication

Utilizes 4G Cat.4 network communication.


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Remote Real-Time Monitoring

Through a platform or app, the in-car dash cam can be remotely connected to view live video and capture images, allowing fleet managers to stay informed about the in-car situation at any time.

Dash Cam Q&A

What are the main functions of a 4G dash cam?

The main functions of a 4G dash cam include:

- Real-time video transmission: Users can view the footage captured by the dash cam in real-time via the 4G network.

- GPS positioning: Provides real-time location tracking and historical route playback.

- Emergency event alert: Automatically sends alert information and videos in the event of a collision or sudden braking.

- Remote monitoring: View and manage video recordings remotely through a mobile app or PC.

- Loop recording: Automatically overwrites old recordings to ensure sufficient storage space.

- Parking monitoring: Continues to monitor the surroundings after the vehicle is turned off, preventing collisions and theft.

Is there a difference in installation between a 4G dash cam and a regular dash cam?

The installation of a 4G dash cam is largely the same as that of a regular dash cam. However, because it requires a SIM card to enable the 4G network functionality, users need to purchase or use an existing SIM card and insert it into the dash cam. The installation steps typically include:

- Mounting the dash cam on the front windshield.

- Connecting the power cable to the vehicle’s power source or cigarette lighter socket.

- Inserting the SIM card and configuring the 4G network settings.

- Downloading and installing the corresponding mobile app for initial setup and synchronization.

Does using a 4G dash cam consume a lot of data?

Data consumption mainly depends on the frequency and resolution of video transmission. Generally, real-time video transmission, especially HD video, consumes more data. Some 4G dash cams support adjusting the resolution and frame rate of video transmission to reduce data usage. On average, it may require 1GB to several GB of data per month, depending on user frequency and habits.

Can a 4G dash cam work in areas without network coverage?

A 4G dash cam can still record video and store it on the internal memory card in areas without network coverage. However, functions like real-time video transmission, GPS positioning, and remote monitoring will be unavailable without network connectivity. These functions will resume once the 4G network connection is restored.

How to choose the right 4G dash cam for yourself?

When choosing the right 4G dash cam, consider the following factors:

- Video clarity: Choose products with 1080P or higher resolution to ensure clear video.

- Brand and after-sales service: Opt for well-known brands and products that offer good after-sales service.

- Functional needs: Select products with features that meet your personal needs, such as parking monitoring, emergency alerts, and GPS positioning.

- Storage capacity: Choose products that support large-capacity memory cards or offer cloud storage options.

- Price: Select cost-effective products within your budget.

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