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Date Time: November 02, 2023
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4G Mobile DVR for Vehicle

F4 is a 4G mobile DVR designed specifically for vehicle video recording, capable of simultaneously recording up to four cameras. Equipped with GPS, it can record the vehicle's location and driving route. Its sleek appearance, sturdy structure, compact size, vibration resistance, and easy installation make it powerful and reliable. This article will introduce the features and advantages of F4.

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Real-time remote video viewing

Choose the GPS+WiFi option to upgrade to real-time remote video viewing. The DVR connects to the WiFi hotspot in your vehicle. This DVR is ideal for fleet tracking (can be used as a GPS tracker) and fleet management. Even when the vehicle is on the road, you can easily view and download recordings! The GPS+WiFi+4G option allows users to use a SIM card for real-time remote viewing. This model can also connect to WiFi hotspots.

Intelligent vehicle management software IVMS

The vehicle DVR system runs with the client software IVMS (Intelligent Vehicle Management Software) to achieve online fleet management and comprehensive vehicle monitoring functions. Such as real-time audio and video monitoring, GPS, vehicle tracking, electronic fences, voice intercom, vehicle temperature, alarm customization, driving route recording, PTZ control, fuel detection, video search and download, report generation, etc.

4G Mobile DVR

Diverse function customization

According to different needs, optional 3G/4G, GPS, WiFi modules are available. GPS: for maps, location, and route tracking. 3G/4G: for real-time video and monitoring. Wi-Fi: for automatic download of video files. You can choose diverse function customization.

Equipped with powerful AI computing power

F4 is equipped with powerful AI computing power, supporting ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), DSM (Driver Status Monitoring), passenger status, car load, cargo condition, and other advanced monitoring functions. This ensures high-level intelligent monitoring and enhances overall safety.

4G Mobile DVR

Supports 6-channel analog video input

F4 supports 6-channel analog video input, including 2-channel 1080P HD video, 2-channel audio input, 1-channel IPC input, and 1-channel CVBS output, providing all-round audio and video intelligent monitoring and recording.

F4 is a professional vehicle DVR with multiple advanced functions and stable performance, widely applicable to fleet management and vehicle monitoring. Its GPS positioning, WiFi connection, and 4G remote video viewing capabilities provide fleets and vehicle owners with comprehensive real-time data monitoring and management. In addition, F4 is equipped with powerful AI computing power, supporting various advanced driver assistance systems and monitoring functions to ensure vehicle safety.


4G Mobile DVR Q&A

Can MDVR videos be accessed remotely?

Yes, Yuweitek's MDVR supports remote access. You can connect to the MDVR through the backend to remotely view real-time videos, playback recorded videos, and adjust settings.

What is the price of a vehicle black box DVR?

The cost of a single camera in a mobile DVR system is approximately $20, while the cost of a vehicle mobile DVR is around $120. We support configurations with multiple cameras. Please contact our customer service to obtain a detailed product price list.

Are you a Mobile DVR supplier or distributor?

We are a factory located in Shenzhen, China, specializing in the research, development, and production of MDVRs, dash cams, and vehicle cameras. We welcome purchases.

Are your Mobile DVRs compliant?

Our products have obtained certification from the U.S. FCC and EU CE, and we have compliance certificates. You are welcome to check them out!

What are DVR and CCTV?

A DVR converts analog camera signals into digital format and stores them on a hard disk. DVR and CCTV are storage methods for closed-circuit television security systems.

What is the difference between DVR and NVR?

A DVR converts analog material to digital, while an NVR is only suitable for digital material.

What is the difference between a driving recorder and an MDVR?

An Mobile DVR is a complete monitoring system with more functions than a driving recorder, such as sensors, in-car screens, etc.

What is the role of a car DVR?

A car DVR provides functions such as 24-hour monitoring, audio and video recording, transmission, positioning, etc.

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