Van Camera System 1080p

HD 1080p Van Camera System

Date Time: February 02, 2024
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Van Camera System 1080p

With the increase in truck theft cases, protecting your van has become more crucial than ever. Your tools and equipment are expensive, and installing a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system not only safeguards your equipment but also ensures personal safety while driving.

Van Camera System

Features of the Van Camera System

- Provides an 8-channel MDVR or AI Dash Cam, such as the 8-channel DVR F4, supporting 720p and higher resolution videos.

- Real-time viewing of videos and vehicle tracking software.

- Detects and warns drivers of unsafe behaviors such as fatigue, distraction, phone usage, smoking, and autonomous driving.

- 1080p high-definition alarm recording with simultaneous display on the client-side for real-time monitoring.

- GPS trajectory recording displaying actual speed and location.

- Multiple trigger recording modes, including startup trigger, timed trigger, motion trigger, gravity sensor trigger, overspeed trigger, and 8-channel custom alarm input trigger with emergency button trigger recording.

- Supports 4G/3G/WIFI/live streaming, and GPS tracking; can be viewed in real-time on IOS and Windows client apps.

- Automatic data upload for remote intelligent data analysis and management.

- Supports a maximum of 2x256GB SD cards for data storage.

- Dual-stream technology support, G-sensor acceleration sensor, touchscreen, and infrared remote control operation.

Components of the Van Camera System

- Reverse cameras installed on the sides or rear of the van to enhance safety during reversing.

- Brake light reverse cameras to monitor potential obstacles or accidents during reversing.

- Multiple camera configurations to improve visibility.

Recommended Number of Cameras

- Typically equipped with seven cameras, including front, rear, left, and right four in-car cameras, a front and rear channel driving recorder, an ADAS camera, and a DSM camera.

Van Camera System Price

- Approximately $25 per individual in-car camera; the entire system's price ranges from $300 to $500.


- Offers step-in van reverse cameras and rearview mirrors to enhance visibility for delivery needs.

- Provides scalable solutions to meet the requirements of both light commercial vehicle fleets and heavy-duty trucks.

- Offers installation services and industry-leading support, making CHINA YUWEI an ideal partner for in-cabin closed-circuit television.

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