Best Wireless CCTV Cameras for Vans

Date Time: January 10, 2024
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Vans are often stolen

With the increase in cargo theft cases, protecting your van has become more crucial than ever. Your tools and equipment are valuable, and installing a CCTV camera system in your van can not only safeguard your gear but also ensure personal safety while driving.


CCTV Cameras for Vans

In the UK, a van is stolen every 23 minutes, marking a 30% increase from the previous year. In the past, thieves used to apply pressure to van doors with their knees and then open the doors from the top. The situation has become even more alarming now, as these thieves use electronic key fobs to break into vehicles with no signs of damage (these key fobs are available on stores like Amazon and eBay for as low as £30).

YWUEI CCTV Cameras for Vans

YUWEI 1080P CCTV Cameras for Vans provide comprehensive monitoring with intelligent features, offering professional and reliable fleet management solutions for vans, buses, long-distance coaches, tour buses, school buses, and more.


CCTV Cameras for Vans

Manufactured by YUWEI, these products integrate advanced artificial intelligence with DSM to detect fatigue driving, distracted driving, phone usage, and smoking. The integration of AI with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and BSD (Blind Spot Detection) can warn drivers of potential risks, eliminating fatigue and distractions, thereby enhancing road safety.

Features of CCTV Cameras for Vans

· Detects and warns drivers of unsafe behaviors: fatigue, distraction, phone use, smoking, and autonomous driving.

· HD alarm recording (simultaneous alarm and recording).

· Real-time monitoring video synchronization displayed on the client side.

· GPS trajectory recording, displaying actual speed and location.

· Remote downloading of videos recorded on the server or DVR.

· Supports 4-channel AHD 1080P input and HD 1080P output.

· 4x1080P, 4x720P AHD, 4xD1, and 4 mixed resolution recordings, supporting CVI and TVL solutions with pre-recording function.

· Multiple trigger recording modes: startup trigger, timing trigger, motion trigger, gravity sensor trigger, overspeed trigger, 8-channel custom alarm input trigger, emergency button trigger recording.

· Supports 4G/3G/WIFI/live streaming and GPS tracking; enables real-time remote in-vehicle display on IOS and Windows clients.

· Automatic data upload for remote intelligent data analysis and management, including data: alarm records, alarm information, log information, GPS trajectory, real-time video, and images.

· Supports a maximum of 2x256GB SD cards for data storage.

· Supports dual-stream technology, facilitating sub-stream network transmission.

· Supports G-sensor accelerometer.

· Touchscreen and infrared remote control operation.

Advantages of Cabin Cameras

· Compact design

· Integrated with other in-vehicle systems

· High-definition recording (HD)

· Tilt adjustment for the ideal recording angle

· IP67 weatherproof

· Plug-and-play/easy to install

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Vans are often stolen
YWUEI CCTV Cameras for Vans
Features of CCTV Cameras for Vans
Advantages of Cabin Cameras

CCTV Cameras for Vans Q&A

What is IP Rating IP67?

IP or Ingress Protection ratings are international standard ratings to define the sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against dirt, moisture and foreign bodies. The first number that follows IP has a specific meaning which indicates the level of protection the equipment has to foreign bodies excluding water. The second number will identify the level of protection the product has to moisture (submersion, drips, sprays etc).

(6) Totally dust-tight. Full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal, tested against continuous airflow.

(7) Protection against full immersion for up to 30 minutes at depths of 3 feet.

Why do I need to install CCTV cameras on my delivery truck?

CCTV cameras for delivery trucks can enhance the security and safety of the vehicle, guarding against theft and vandalism. They can also record events that occur during transit, providing robust evidence for insurance claims.

Can YUWEI's delivery truck cameras be used in harsh weather conditions?

Yes, our delivery truck CCTV cameras have weatherproof protection, such as an IP67 rating, allowing them to operate reliably in various weather conditions.

What monitoring features does YUWEI's in-vehicle camera offer for driver behavior?

Our advanced delivery truck CCTV cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence technology that can monitor unsafe driver behaviors such as fatigue, distraction, phone usage, and smoking. They provide warnings to enhance driving safety.

Do the delivery truck cameras support remote monitoring?

Yes, they support remote monitoring capabilities. Through internet connectivity, you can view real-time camera footage from your delivery truck, regardless of your location.
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