4 Channel Dash Cam DVR

Best 4 Channel Dash Cam DVR

Date Time: May 20, 2024
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4 Channel Dash Cam DVR

Best 4 Channel Dash Cam DVR with Front and Rear Cameras, 4G SIM Card, GPS Tracking, and Remote Monitoring for Fleet Vehicles.YUWEI is a top Dash Cam manufacturer in China, providing vehicle tracking and management services to over 3,500 fleets worldwide. Our products are exported to more than 50 countries, including Dubai, Germany, France, the UK, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and the USA.

4 channel dash cam

Dash Cam Features:

- Night Vision: Advanced sensor with F1.8 aperture and wide dynamic range (WDR) ensures color accuracy and detail clarity in low-light environments.

- WDR: Wide Dynamic Range technology prevents overexposure.

- Remote Control: Supports remote operation for ease of use.

- Full Color: Provides rich detail with full-color images.

- G-Sensor: Collision sensor automatically locks accident videos.

- Parking Mode: 24-hour parking monitoring ensures vehicle safety.

- Loop Recording: Automatically overwrites the oldest videos when the SD card is full.

- Built-in WiFi: Easily connects to mobile devices.

- APP Control: Operate via a mobile application.

- Built-in GPS: Real-time vehicle location tracking.

- Emergency Accident Lock: Automatically saves video upon detecting an accident.

- Android OS: Based on the Android operating system.


The V5 dash cam features a front 1080P camera and an optional built-in 720P camera. It supports GPS tracking, WiFi hotspot connection, live streaming, and remote monitoring via app and PC. It can be configured with your cloud server and fleet management platform.


Using a 4G SIM card, you can watch live video anytime and anywhere. One-click voice intercom is supported. More fleet management functions can be developed.


GPS Positioning and Tracking:

The V5 supports GPS+BDS dual modules, allowing you to get the car's location and view driving records on a mobile app.


Support for Fleet Management Cloud Storage Platform:

Typically, for fleet management of buses, trucks, vans, etc., you might purchase an MDVR device with a screen and cameras. The V5 integrates all these functions, reducing costs and allowing remote fleet management with a single device.


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Additional Product Features:

- 24-Hour Parking Monitoring: Remotely monitor your vehicle through a mobile app.

- Super Capacitor for Enhanced Safety: The dash cam can withstand extreme temperatures from -20°C to 75°C. Super capacitors offer better long-term reliability compared to batteries.

- Night Vision: Advanced sensor and wide dynamic range technology make night shots brighter, capturing accurate colors and details even in low-light conditions.

- WDR/Loop Recording/G-Sensor: Loop recording automatically overwrites the oldest video when the SD card is full. The built-in G-Sensor automatically locks and saves the video when the car is hit, preventing it from being overwritten.

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