YUWEI AI Dash Cam for Car

What is AI Dash Cam?

Date Time: January 20, 2023
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YUWEI AI Dash Cam for Car

The AI dashcam should not only record accidents but also prevent them. It is equipped with AI algorithms that enable facial recognition and fatigue detection. It can issue alerts to remind drivers to stay alert, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents. Additionally, it comes with features such as 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and mobile applications. The yuwei V5 is currently the hottest AI dashcam available on the market.

What is AI Dash Cam

Traditional dashcams can only monitor the outside of the vehicle.

Traditional dashcams with a single camera can only record video and audio of the outside of the car, without capturing inside the vehicle. After an accident occurs, it cannot provide comprehensive visual evidence for car owners, law enforcement, and insurance companies in a timely manner. This requires the dashcam to be equipped with two high-definition cameras, one for the outside and one for the inside, with night vision capabilities.

Simple recording cannot prevent accidents.

Unlike personal cars, fleet vehicles need to regulate drivers' driving behavior. This requires the dashcam to not only record the driver's driving state with built-in cameras, but also use intelligent algorithms to warn against dangerous behaviors such as smoking, using their phone while driving, and eating, further reducing the probability of accidents.

Real-time GPS positioning to optimize driving routes.

Fleet dashcams have GPS/BD positioning functions, which can be used to optimize driving routes in real-time, saving fuel costs and improving efficiency. Therefore, integrating GPS into the vehicle dashcam is now a trend.

In conclusion, the traditional fleet dash cam cannot meet the needs of today's fleet needs, and fleet managers require more advanced products. Currently, there are two-way monitoring products on the market, such as the 1080HD dashcam released by Yuwei. These dashcams avoid the many drawbacks of traditional dashcams and are suitable for use in fleet fields like rentals, passenger transportation, transportation, logistics, etc.

Dash Cam Q&A

What type of dash cam is most suitable for cars?

The Smart Video Remote Information Processing V5 is a feature-rich 4G dash cam designed specifically for the automotive video surveillance industry. It features both front and rear dash cams, supporting up to 4 channels of cameras for real-time audio and video recording, with dual TF card storage. It utilizes global 4G network connectivity for real-time video transmission, along with GPS/BDS positioning for accurate tracking. The V5 dash cam also integrates built-in active safety algorithms (ADAS, DSM) to enhance security, widely used in industries such as ride-hailing, taxi, logistics, and government vehicles.

Will the dash cam record my location?

The YUWEI dash cam supports Global Positioning System (GPS) for tracking your location and speed, a gravity sensor for collision detection, and WiFi for transferring footage from the dash cam to your phone. It also has a parking mode, which automatically starts recording if your car experiences a collision while parked.

Is a 128GB dash cam enough?

A 128GB SD card can effectively handle 4K dash cam footage, but it depends on the camera's bitrate and frame rate. 4K footage requires higher bitrates and frame rates, meaning the recording time on a 128GB SD card will be shorter compared to 1080p footage. However, for fleet tracking management, 1080p recording resolution is typically sufficient.

How much does a dash cam cost?

The price ranges from $25 to $300. The cost of a single in-car camera from YUWEI is $25, for quotes on multifunctional in-car cameras, you can contact (hello@Yuweitek.com).

Are there wireless dash cams available?

Wireless dash cams are those that support Wi-Fi connectivity. They can upload footage of your surroundings to cloud storage. If your camera is tampered with during an event, you can view the footage and ascertain the facts. However, this is only effective when the dash cam has an internet connection.

Can I use a regular SD card for the dash cam?

Almost all dash cams use Secure Digital (SD) cards, but most tend to use microSD cards. Even if your dash cam only supports SD cards, SD adapters allow for the use of microSD cards.
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