Best Dual Dash Cam for Taxi

Best Dual Dash Cam for Taxi

Date Time: May 17, 2024
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Best Dual Dash Cam for Taxi

The best dual dash cam for taxis: This model is ideal for ride-hailing and taxi fleet tracking management.

Features include:

- Dual 1080P recording

- 4G data transmission

- GPS/BDS positioning

- Emergency alarm

- Recording and intercom

- Voice control

- WiFi hotspot

- G-SENSOR for collision and parking vibration alarms


Best Dual Dash Cam for Taxi

Compact and Sleek Taxi Dash Cam

Easily attach the device directly to the front windshield with 3M adhesive for a minimalist installation.


High Definition Recording - Dual 1080P

Supports front and interior recording. The interior camera uses a wide-angle lens and offers full horizontal and vertical angle adjustment for comprehensive monitoring. Once adjusted, the camera can be locked in place.


Infrared Night Vision

The interior camera is equipped with infrared lights, enabling high-definition monitoring and recording inside the vehicle even in complete darkness.


4G Remote Transmission

The professional in-car platform software allows for remote monitoring and management via computer and mobile phone.


Automatic Collision and Vibration Alarm

The built-in G-SENSOR module can automatically trigger and upload alarms for abnormal vibrations, rollovers, impacts, and sudden braking. It also supports vibration alarm uploads when the vehicle is parked and the engine is off for vehicle protection.


Loop Recording

The smart overlap technology automatically overwrites previous videos when the memory card is full, ensuring continuous recording.


Gravity Sensing

In the event of a collision, the system automatically locks crucial footage to prevent it from being overwritten.


Anti-Theft Monitoring Mode

When the vehicle is off, the device can wake up upon detecting vibrations, automatically take a photo, and upload it to the mobile app to alert the owner.


GPS/BDS Positioning

The built-in GPS/BD module and antenna provide management of speed, location, time, and route.


Electronic Fence

Supports alarms for route deviation and entering/exiting designated areas.


Emergency Alarm Button

Integrates one channel for recording and intercom, and supports emergency alarms with photo capture via an emergency button.


Built-in WiFi Hotspot

In AP mode, it supports internet sharing for up to 8 devices. The device’s WiFi hotspot can be configured and debugged through the app.

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