Police Car Cameras Surveillance System

Date Time: September 15, 2023
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Police Car Cameras Surveillance System

The traditional police video monitoring equipment is limited by the development of technology and can only perform on-site monitoring, simple alarm information transmission, and cannot transmit video signals over long distances. For important law enforcement departments such as public security, high-definition and wireless , Remote, real-time monitoring is a prerequisite for the safe operation of industry monitoring.


Police Video Surveillance Equipment Drone Car Camera

Yuwei police video surveillance equipment functional requirements:

1. Remote real-time monitoring, storage and query of law enforcement patrol video, support front-end SD card, hard disk, server storage;

2. 3G/4G/WIFI multiple ways of transmission, 1080P video stream, to ensure the picture quality;

3. Support multiple ways to view videos. You can log in to the platform through computers, mobile phones and other terminal devices to view real-time monitoring images and stored past videos;

4. The two-way conversation between the management department and the front-end law enforcement personnel facilitates the background management platform personnel to understand the front-end problems and conditions, and timely dispatch police support;

5. GPS/Beidou positioning: record and query the vehicle’s driving track, vehicle speed and other status, the position can be displayed in real time on the platform, support GIS map query, and understand the current location of law enforcement patrol vehicles and law enforcement personnel;

6. Various emergency linkages in emergency situations support multiple linkage methods to ensure timely response and ensure the safety of front-line law enforcement personnel.


Police video surveillance equipment access to the public network can be divided into two parts, one is connected to the video private network platform through the operator's 3G and 4G mobile VPDN network, and then connected to the public security system through the marginal gateway, network gate, etc. Intranet to realize image retrieval and signaling intercommunication.


Yuwei's police video surveillance equipment front-end access equipment includes vehicle cameras, driving recorders, hosts, and vehicle display terminals; this system has the advantages of portability, mobility, and flexibility. The front-end equipment is uploaded to the emergency command and dispatch platform through 3G/4G/WIFI/satellite/wired to realize video browsing, two-way intercom, cluster dispatch, GPS positioning and other functions with the command center dispatch client.


The camera equipment can collect 720P/1080P video, which is suitable for vehicle-mounted mobile video surveillance. Realize 4-channel high-definition video input, and can also realize 4-channel 1080P high-definition video storage and transmission;


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