Car Front Camera Installation Service

Car Front Camera installation near me

Date Time: April 01, 2024
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Car Front Camera Installation Service

In this era where road safety and responsibility are paramount, dashcams have become invaluable tools for drivers. Whether capturing unexpected events or providing evidence in case of accidents, dashcams allow fleet managers to monitor the road conditions of their entire fleet.

Car Front Camera

Price Range of Dashcams:

- $20-$70: Basic recording, limited functionality, no internet connectivity

- $60-$130: Better video quality, wider field of view, capturing driver behavior events, internet/cloud connectivity, GPS tracking, remote connection to DashCam for real-time viewing and streaming of historical video clips.

- $140-$220: AI functionality, support for external cameras

- $250+: MDVR systems supporting larger storage 1-4TB hard drives, 8CH+ support.

For most fleets, it's crucial to have an internet-connected dashcam that can connect to their fleet management cloud platform.

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car dash cam installation near me

Installation Cost of Dashcams:

Installation costs vary depending on the type of dashcam and vehicle. Installation of simple plug-and-play devices is cheaper, while professional installation incurs more costs. Typical hard-wired installation costs range from $50 to $120.

car front camera installation near me

Why Avoid Cheap Dashcams?

Cheap models may sacrifice key features such as video quality, durability, and cloud connectivity. It is recommended to purchase from the top 10 brands in each country, such as Garmin in the United States, BlackVue in Germany, Thinkware in South Korea, and YUWEI in China. Investing in a higher-priced dashcam typically means better reliability and performance.

The cost of dashcams depends on specific needs and required features. Investing in a reliable dashcam can help prevent unforeseen events and provide clear information and evidence. We offer professional installation services for your convenience.

Our installers will arrive at your specified location on the arranged date and time. Depending on the vehicle and camera, installation typically takes about an hour (for simple installations). If an MDVR system is needed, we strive to complete it on the same day, but please be prepared.

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